Are old copies of National Geographic worth anything?

How much do old National Geographic magazines sell for? “National Geographic” magazines can be fun to look at, with articles about exotic locations and unique people and creatures. While the first issue will generally fetch upwards of $4000, the usual range is from $7-9,000, with a very few sales over the $10,000 mark.

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What should I do with old National Geographic magazines?

National Geographic Partners You might check with nearby nursing and retirement homes, prisons, hospitals, or schools to see if they would welcome your donation. We have a Collectors Corner on our website, which includes a dealers list and a Collector’s Forum where you can post a notice regarding your collection.

If you’ve acquired too many “National Geographic” magazines, you may want to sell part, or all, of your collection. “National Geographic” maintains a list of organizations on its website that welcome magazine donations.

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What year National Geographic magazines are worth money?

last updated 24 March 2018. According to National Geographic’s website, the magazine has been inspiring the world since 1888.

Where can I sell my National Geographic magazine collection?

Go to eBay and do a search for “National Geographic Magazine.” You’ll find upwards of 20 thousand items listed. Where do your items fit in the scheme of things? Buying or selling on eBay can have unseen hazards for the uninitiated but a cautious and determined approach for either selling or buying has its rewards.

Who buys old National Geographic?

Who buys National Geographic? Disney to Buy National Geographic in $52 Billion Deal for Fox.

What is the most valuable National Geographic?

Can you sell National Geographic?

Go to eBay and do a search for “National Geographic Magazine.” You’ll find upwards of 20 thousand items listed. Where do your items fit in the scheme of things? Buying or selling on eBay can have unseen hazards for the uninitiated but a cautious and determined approach for either selling or buying has its rewards.

How much is National Geographic company worth?

The payment is rich: In effect, it values the National Geographic brand at $1 billion. Morever, for the society, the timing was right ” or at least better than waiting much longer.

Does anyone collect old magazines?

You can donate used magazines to a charitable organization, a school, a community group, a hospital or library. will do its best to help you find a charity in its ever-growing nationwide database that will accept your magazine donations. You can recycle your used magazines.

Does goodwill take old National Geographic magazines?

Yes. “National Geographic” magazines? Yep ” and some other vintage magazines, too.

How do you store National Geographic magazines?

For collectors that want to preserve their yellow-bordered magazine collection, BCW bags, backing boards, and boxes are an ideal solution. While BCW offers supplies to protect traditionally-sized magazines, BCW’s products sized for Silver Age comics books are perfect for National Geographic.

How do I access National Geographic archives?

Access articles from our current issue online at and view recent issues”and every issue since 1888″in the magazine’s full archive at

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Is National Geographic still in print?

National Geographic has delivered incredible storytelling for 130+ years. Available in print & digital access.

Who owns National Geographic magazine?

Who reads National Geographic?

17% of U.S. Adults under 25 surveyed say they read National Geographic Magazine regularly. That’s a huge reach for a magazine. Even for older generations, about 1 in 10 U.S. adults who are 55 or older regularly reads the magazine.

Who is the CEO of National Geographic?

Jill Tiefenthaler

Should I throw out old magazines?

Absolutely you should recycle your old, unwanted magazines in order to preserve trees and limit landfill waste. But did you know there are ways you can reuse magazines before recycling them? Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse magazines, catalogs, viewbooks or other printed publications.

How do I find out how much old magazines are worth?

What should I do with old magazines?

How do you get rid of magazines?

Check with your municipal waste and recycling centers to see if they take old magazines. Also, look up local laws and regulations about what you can and can’t throw away in the trash. If all is a go, then dump them into the trash can and allow your regular garbage pickup to take care of it.

When did National Geographic start?

September 22, 1888

What was the first National Geographic magazine?

The first issue of National Geographic in 1888 contained no photographs and cost 50 cents.

How do I get my National Geographic problems back?

National Geographic Partners Many back issues can also be purchased online or through our single copy sales office. Please visit our website: or call 1-800-777-2800 (1-515-237-3673 outside the U.S./Canada) if you prefer to order by phone.

Is there an index for National Geographic?

The National Geographic Publications Index contains bibliographic records that describe the content of a product, such as a magazine article, map supplement, or book.

How do I check my National Geographic subscription?

Subscriptions Digital Access As a subscriber, you can access articles from our current issue online at and view recent issues-and every issue since 1888″in the magazine’s full archive at

Is National Geographic history available online?

All National Geographic History magazine subscribers receive full online access to our website. You must be signed in to our website with your linked subscription in order for unlimited article access to our website.

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Does National Geographic have large print?

National Geographic does not publish National Geographic material in large print or any other special editions for the visually handicapped.

Are National Geographic magazines peer reviewed?

National Geographic is a quality source, but it doesn’t meet the criteria for a scholarly source. The ScientistIncorrect! The Scientist is a trade publication offering news and commentary on business, policy, and politics of science, but it doesn’t meet the criteria for a scholarly source.

Is National Geographic for profit?

1145 17th Street Washington, D.C., U.S. The National Geographic Society (NGS), headquartered in Washington, D.C., United States, is one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations in the world.

Are there any rare National Geographic magazines?

Find the terra-cotta colored number 1 or others from the 1880s and you’ll put $4,000 or more in your pocket. Later, but still very old, “red-cover” issues also have substantial value. National Geographic dealers will pay at least $200 for issues published before 1905. But after that, the value drops dramatically.

What is the target market for National Geographic magazine?

A third of National Geographic magazine readers are millennials. That’s more than 9.5 million readers, which makes millennials the largest audience segment of our readership.

What age group reads National Geographic?

National Geographic Kids focuses on all the subjects of most interest to kids ages 6 to 14. Every issue of National Geographic Kids is packed with animals, entertainment, science, technology, current events, cultures from around the world and much more.

Who owns National geographic2020?

National Geographic (formerly National Geographic Channel; abbreviated and trademarked as Nat Geo or Nat Geo TV) is an American pay television network and flagship channel owned by the National Geographic Global Networks unit of Disney General Entertainment Content and National Geographic Partners, a joint venture …

Who started National Geographic magazine?

The magazine was founded in 1888 and published by a nonprofit corporation, the National Geographic Society. The society originally intended the periodical to be oriented toward the United States, but the nature of its articles soon made it a magazine with a world view.

Is National Geographic a nonprofit?

The National Geographic Society is a global nonprofit organization that uses the power of science, exploration, education and storytelling to illuminate and protect the wonder of our world.

What are the most valuable magazines?

Are old Look and Life magazines worth anything?

The most valuable copy of Life, priced at $200, is the April 13, 1962, issue with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton on the cover. The price is high because there is an insert of Topps baseball cards inside. Life magazines with covers picturing movie stars or members of the Kennedy family are especially collectible.

Why Do People Save old magazines?

You may have subscriptions to several, and over the course of a month, you might not always have time to read them. If this is the case, they can pile up and clutter your home. Some people store the magazines away in boxes because they think they will read them later.

Is there a market for old magazines?

Obviously, selling an old magazine won’t make you rich, but if you have stacks of vintage magazines or if you do your research and begin buying up old issues in bulk, it can certainly add up. Collectors buy them, and those searching for specific issues for personal reasons do, too.

Where can I find old magazines for free?

Libraries and Local Bookstores Your local libraries and bookstores may be willing to give you old copies of magazines for free before they’re recycled. If you need magazines in bulk for education or crafting purposes, or if you’re not worried about having the latest copy, this can be an especially great option for you.

What can I do with old glossy magazines?

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