can i visit lynnewood hall


Have you ever wondered about visiting Lynnewood Hall? It’s a grandiose mansion with a rich history, and many people are intrigued by the possibility of taking a tour of this iconic estate.

The History of Lynnewood Hall

Lynnewood Hall is a historic mansion located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Built in the early 20th century by industrialist Peter A.B. Widener, the estate was a symbol of wealth and opulence. The mansion’s design was inspired by the Palace of Versailles, and it featured extensive gardens, a ballroom, and an art gallery with a world-renowned collection of paintings.

Is Lynnewood Hall Open to the Public?

Unfortunately, Lynnewood Hall is a private estate and is not open to the public for regular tours. The current owner, Richard Wood, has maintained the mansion’s privacy and has not allowed public access to the property. As a result, visiting Lynnewood Hall is not a possibility for most people.

Can I Visit Lynnewood Hall?

While the general public is not permitted to tour Lynnewood Hall, there have been occasional private events and fundraisers held at the estate. In these instances, guests are granted access to the property for a limited time. However, these events are rare and typically exclusive, so gaining entry to Lynnewood Hall can be quite challenging.


Ultimately, for those fascinated by the grandeur and history of Lynnewood Hall, the chance to visit this iconic mansion remains elusive. While the estate’s private status precludes most people from experiencing its splendor firsthand, the allure of Lynnewood Hall continues to captivate the imagination.

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1. Can I take photos of Lynnewood Hall from the outside?

Yes, visitors can take photos of Lynnewood Hall from the exterior, but it’s important to respect the property’s privacy and refrain from trespassing on the grounds.

2. Are there any public events held at Lynnewood Hall?

Public events at Lynnewood Hall are extremely rare, and access to the estate is typically restricted to private gatherings and fundraisers.

3. Is there a way to gain access to Lynnewood Hall for a private tour?

As of now, private tours of Lynnewood Hall are not available to the general public, and access to the estate is limited to special events approved by the owner.

4. What is the best way to view Lynnewood Hall?

The best way to view Lynnewood Hall is from the surrounding streets and public areas, where visitors can appreciate the mansion’s impressive architecture and grandeur from a distance.

5. Are there any plans to open Lynnewood Hall to the public in the future?

While there are no current plans to open Lynnewood Hall to the public, the estate’s future remains uncertain, and it’s possible that access may change in the years to come.