can you wear flip flops in positano

The Charm of Positano

Positano, the picturesque coastal town on the Amalfi Coast of Italy, is known for its colorful buildings, narrow winding streets, and stunning cliffside views. It is a popular destination for tourists seeking a romantic getaway or a relaxing beach vacation. However, when it comes to footwear, many visitors wonder if they can wear flip flops in Positano.

Exploring the Cobblestone Streets

One of the main concerns about wearing flip flops in Positano is the town’s cobblestone streets. These uneven, slippery surfaces can make walking in flip flops challenging and potentially dangerous. As I strolled through the charming streets of Positano, I found myself constantly adjusting my stride and trying to avoid tripping on the cobblestones.

Proper Footwear for Sightseeing

While flip flops may be comfortable for a day at the beach, they are not the most practical choice for sightseeing in Positano. I learned this the hard way when I struggled to maintain my balance while climbing the steep stairs and navigating the narrow pathways. A more secure and supportive pair of shoes, such as sandals with straps or lightweight sneakers, would have been a better option for exploring the town.

Beach Attire in Positano

When it comes to beach attire, flip flops are a common choice among visitors to Positano. The soft sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters make flip flops a convenient and comfortable option for enjoying a day by the sea. However, it is essential to consider the type of flip flops you choose to wear. Sturdy, waterproof flip flops with a good grip can be suitable for the beach, while flimsy, slippery ones may not provide the necessary support for walking on the uneven shoreline.

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Stylish and Versatile Footwear

Positano is also known for its fashionable and upscale atmosphere, making it a perfect place to show off stylish footwear. While flip flops may be acceptable for the beach, they may not be the best choice for dining at the town’s upscale restaurants or visiting its chic boutiques. A pair of elegant sandals, espadrilles, or stylish flats would be more appropriate for enjoying the town’s upscale amenities while still providing comfort and ease of walking.

Considerations for Hiking and Excursions

For those interested in exploring the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast through hiking or taking excursions, it is important to select the right footwear for these activities. While flip flops may seem lightweight and convenient, they are not recommended for hiking along the rugged coastal trails or venturing on boat tours. Closed-toe shoes with good traction and ankle support are essential for safety and stability during these outdoor adventures.

Protecting Your Feet from the Elements

In addition to the uneven terrain, visitors to Positano should also consider the exposure to the elements, such as sun, water, and rough surfaces. Flip flops may leave your feet vulnerable to sunburn, blisters, and injuries from sharp rocks or shells. Choosing appropriate footwear, such as water shoes or durable hiking sandals, can help protect your feet and allow you to fully enjoy the outdoor excursions and water activities that Positano has to offer.


While flip flops may be an attractive option for leisurely beach days, they may not be the most practical or suitable choice for exploring the charming and diverse attractions of Positano. It is important to consider the terrain, activities, and overall ambiance of the town when selecting footwear for your visit. By choosing proper footwear that provides comfort, support, and style, you can fully enjoy all that Positano has to offer without compromising your safety and experience.

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1. Are flip flops suitable for walking on the cobblestone streets of Positano?

While flip flops may provide some comfort, they are not the most practical choice for navigating the uneven and slippery cobblestone streets of Positano. It is recommended to wear shoes with better support and traction for walking in the town.

2. Can I wear flip flops for a day at the beach in Positano?

Yes, flip flops can be a convenient and comfortable choice for enjoying a day at the beach in Positano. However, it is important to select flip flops with a good grip and durability to handle the sandy and rocky terrain.

3. What type of footwear is recommended for hiking and outdoor excursions in Positano?

For hiking and outdoor activities in Positano, it is essential to wear closed-toe shoes with good traction and ankle support. Flip flops are not suitable for these activities and may pose safety risks on the rugged coastal trails.

4. Are flip flops acceptable for dining and upscale experiences in Positano?

While flip flops may be suitable for casual beach days, they may not be the best choice for dining at upscale restaurants or visiting chic boutiques in Positano. It is recommended to wear more stylish and versatile footwear for these experiences.

5. How can I protect my feet while enjoying water activities in Positano?

For water activities and excursions in Positano, consider wearing water shoes or durable hiking sandals to protect your feet from sunburn, blisters, and injuries. These types of footwear offer better protection and support in the water and on rough surfaces.