do airlines make accommodations for funerals

As a frequent traveler and someone who has unfortunately experienced the loss of a loved one, I often wonder if airlines make accommodations for funerals. Planning a trip for a funeral can be a stressful and emotional experience, and having the support of airlines can make all the difference. In this article, I will delve into the policies and practices of airlines when it comes to accommodating individuals who are traveling for a funeral.

Understanding the Importance of Accommodations

When it comes to traveling for a funeral, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the logistics of the trip. The airline industry has recognized this and has implemented various accommodations to assist individuals during this difficult time.

Flexible Ticketing Options

Many airlines offer flexible ticketing options for individuals traveling for a funeral. This may include waiving change fees, providing full refunds, or allowing for open-ended tickets. This flexibility is crucial, as funeral arrangements are often uncertain and subject to changes at the last minute.

Prioritizing Seat Assignments

When traveling for a funeral, individuals may have specific preferences for their seat assignments, such as sitting with family members or choosing a more comfortable seat. Airlines understand the importance of this and prioritize seat assignments for those traveling for a funeral, ensuring they have the most suitable accommodations possible.

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Special Services and Assistance

In addition to flexible ticketing options, airlines also provide special services and assistance to individuals traveling for a funeral. These services may include providing extra support at the airport, allowing for additional baggage at no cost, or offering emotional support during the journey.

Emotional Support

Traveling for a funeral can be an incredibly emotional experience. Airlines recognize this and may offer additional emotional support to passengers, such as providing access to quiet spaces at the airport, offering comforting resources, or simply being attentive to the needs of grieving individuals.

Baggage Assistance

Funerals often require individuals to bring additional items, such as funeral attire or sentimental items. Airlines may offer baggage assistance by allowing for extra baggage at no cost or providing special handling for delicate or important items.

Handling Bereavement Fares

Some airlines offer bereavement fares, which are discounted fares for individuals traveling due to a death in the family. While these fares were once a common practice, not all airlines still offer them. It’s important to check with the individual airline to see if bereavement fares are available and what the specific terms and conditions are.

Eligibility and Requirements

For airlines that do offer bereavement fares, there are usually specific eligibility requirements and documentation that needs to be provided. This may include proof of the death, the individual’s relationship to the deceased, and other pertinent details.

Considerations for Bereavement Fares

It’s important to weigh the benefits of bereavement fares against other available options, such as flexible ticketing or special accommodations. In some cases, bereavement fares may not offer the most cost-effective or advantageous solution for individuals traveling for a funeral.


Overall, the airline industry has made significant strides in providing accommodations for individuals traveling for a funeral. From flexible ticketing options to special services and assistance, airlines are committed to supporting passengers during this difficult time. It’s important for individuals to communicate their specific needs and circumstances to the airline, as they may be able to offer personalized assistance beyond what is already available.

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1. Are all airlines required to offer bereavement fares?

No, not all airlines are required to offer bereavement fares. This is at the discretion of each individual airline, and policies may vary.

2. How can I request accommodations for a funeral when booking my flight?

When booking a flight for a funeral, it’s best to contact the airline directly to inquire about available accommodations and to communicate your specific needs.

3. What should I do if I encounter difficulties when trying to make arrangements for a funeral trip with an airline?

If you encounter difficulties or have specific requirements that are not being met, it’s important to escalate your concerns to a supervisor or customer service manager at the airline.

4. Can I bring flowers or other items for the funeral on the flight with me?

It’s best to check with the airline regarding their policies on bringing flowers or other items for the funeral. Some airlines may have specific guidelines for transporting such items.

5. Are there any resources or support services available for grieving individuals at the airport?

Many airports offer support services for grieving individuals, such as quiet spaces, counseling resources, or chaplaincy services. It’s beneficial to inquire about these services when traveling for a funeral.