does royal caribbean charge for bottled water


Have you ever wondered if Royal Caribbean charges for bottled water on their cruises? As a frequent traveler on Royal Caribbean cruises, I can provide some insight into this popular question. Let’s dive in and explore whether you have to pay extra for bottled water while sailing the high seas with Royal Caribbean.

Understanding Royal Caribbean’s Beverage Policies

Before we delve into the specifics of bottled water charges, it’s essential to understand Royal Caribbean’s overall beverage policies. Royal Caribbean offers a variety of beverage packages that guests can purchase to enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during their cruise. These packages often include bottled water as well.

Complimentary vs. Paid Beverages

On Royal Caribbean cruises, certain beverages are complimentary, while others come at an additional cost. Complimentary beverages typically include water, coffee, tea, and select juices available at buffet stations and dining venues. However, bottled water is often considered a premium beverage that may incur an extra charge.

Available Beverage Packages

Guests can opt to purchase beverage packages that offer unlimited access to various drinks, including bottled water. The prices and inclusions of these packages may vary depending on the cruise line and ship. It’s essential to review the beverage package options before your cruise to determine if bottled water is included.

Does Royal Caribbean Charge for Bottled Water?

When it comes to bottled water, Royal Caribbean typically charges for this premium beverage. Guests can purchase bottled water onboard at various locations, such as bars, lounges, and specialty restaurants. The cost of bottled water may vary, so it’s advisable to inquire about prices before making a purchase.

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Options for Obtaining Bottled Water

If you prefer not to pay for bottled water individually, you may consider purchasing a beverage package that includes bottled water as part of the offering. This can be a cost-effective way to enjoy unlimited access to bottled water and other beverages throughout your cruise.

Refilling Water Bottles

Another option to consider is refilling reusable water bottles at onboard water stations. Royal Caribbean encourages guests to stay hydrated by offering filtered water dispensers throughout the ship. This eco-friendly alternative allows you to refill your water bottle for free and reduce plastic waste.


In conclusion, while Royal Caribbean does charge for bottled water, there are various ways to access this premium beverage during your cruise. Whether you opt for purchasing bottled water individually or investing in a beverage package, staying hydrated onboard is convenient and easy. Remember to explore your beverage options before setting sail to make the most of your Royal Caribbean cruise experience.


1. How much does bottled water cost on Royal Caribbean cruises?

The cost of bottled water on Royal Caribbean cruises can vary, so it’s best to check with onboard staff for current pricing.

2. Can I bring my own bottled water on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean’s policy on bringing outside beverages, including bottled water, may vary. It’s recommended to review the cruise line’s guidelines before packing your own water bottles.

3. Are there water stations onboard for refilling water bottles?

Yes, Royal Caribbean provides filtered water dispensers throughout the ship for guests to refill water bottles at no additional cost.

4. Is bottled water included in Royal Caribbean’s beverage packages?

Some beverage packages on Royal Caribbean cruises may include bottled water as part of the offering. Be sure to review the package details to confirm what beverages are included.

5. Are there any discounts or promotions for bottled water on Royal Caribbean cruises?

Royal Caribbean may offer specials or promotions that include discounted or complimentary bottled water. Keep an eye out for any onboard announcements or deals during your cruise.

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