how do i start a chat on airbnb

Welcome to my guide on how to start a chat on Airbnb! As a seasoned Airbnb host, I understand the importance of clear communication with guests. Whether you’re a new host or looking to improve your communication skills, starting a chat on Airbnb is crucial to providing a great experience for your guests. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of initiating a chat on Airbnb, offer tips on effective communication, and provide useful insights to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for both hosts and guests.

Signing In to Your Airbnb Account

Before you can start a chat on Airbnb, you need to sign in to your account. If you don’t have an Airbnb account yet, you can easily sign up for one by visiting the Airbnb website or downloading the Airbnb app on your smartphone. Once you’ve signed in, you can access your dashboard and manage your listings and guest communications.

Locating the Messaging Feature

Once you’re signed in to your Airbnb account, you can find the messaging feature by clicking on the “Inbox” tab. This tab is usually located in the top navigation bar of the Airbnb website or app. The “Inbox” is where you can view all your messages from guests and other Airbnb users.

Initiating a Chat with a Guest

Now that you’ve located the messaging feature, you can initiate a chat with a guest by following these simple steps:

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Step 1: Select the Guest

If you have received a message from a guest or have a pending booking, you can click on the guest’s name or profile picture to open the chat window. If you haven’t received a message from the guest yet, you can find their profile in your dashboard and click on their name to start a chat.

Step 2: Compose Your Message

Once you’ve opened the chat window, you can compose your message to the guest. It’s important to be clear and concise in your communication, and to address any questions or concerns the guest may have. You can also use the chat to provide directions, house rules, or any other important information the guest needs to know.

Tips for Effective Communication

When starting a chat on Airbnb, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:

Be Prompt

Respond to guest messages in a timely manner to show that you are attentive and reliable. Prompt communication can also help prevent misunderstandings or last-minute issues.

Be Friendly and Professional

Use a friendly tone in your messages to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. At the same time, maintain a professional demeanor to convey competence and trustworthiness.

Provide Clear Information

Make sure to provide all the necessary details and instructions in your messages. Clear communication can prevent confusion and ensure that guests have a pleasant experience at your property.


Starting a chat on Airbnb is an essential part of being a successful host. By following the steps outlined in this guide and keeping the communication tips in mind, you can create a positive and enjoyable experience for your guests. Remember, effective communication not only helps ensure smooth bookings and check-ins, but also contributes to positive reviews and repeat bookings. So, don’t hesitate to start a chat with your guests and make their stay memorable!


Q: Can I start a chat with multiple guests at once?

A: Yes, you have the option to initiate group chats with multiple guests if needed. This can be useful for coordinating group bookings or providing information to all guests at the same time.

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Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can say in the chat?

A: While Airbnb encourages open communication between hosts and guests, it’s important to adhere to the platform’s content guidelines and avoid any language or content that may violate Airbnb’s policies.

Q: Can I use emojis or GIFs in my messages to guests?

A: Yes, using emojis or GIFs can add a personal touch to your messages and make the communication more engaging. However, be mindful of using them appropriately and in a professional context.

Q: What should I do if a guest is unresponsive in the chat?

A: If a guest is unresponsive, you can try sending a follow-up message or contacting Airbnb support for assistance. It’s important to maintain clear communication and address any issues that may arise during the guest’s stay.

Q: Can I chat with guests in languages other than English?

A: Yes, Airbnb supports multilingual communication, allowing hosts and guests to chat in their preferred languages. This can help ensure clear and effective communication, especially for international bookings.