how much are tolls from calais to italy

Embarking on a road trip from Calais, France to Italy is an exciting adventure that offers stunning landscapes, rich culture, and delicious cuisine along the way. However, one factor that many travelers overlook when planning their journey is the tolls they will encounter on the highways. In this article, I will guide you through the estimated toll costs from Calais to Italy, helping you prepare and budget for your road trip.

Understanding Toll Roads

Before diving into the specific toll costs, it’s important to understand how toll roads work in Europe. Toll roads are highways or sections of highways where drivers must pay a fee to use them. These fees help fund the maintenance and construction of the roads, ensuring they are safe and well-maintained for travelers.

Calculating Toll Costs

The toll costs from Calais to Italy can vary depending on the route you choose, the size of your vehicle, and the distance you travel. As a general rule of thumb, toll costs are calculated based on the distance you travel on the toll road. The longer you are on the toll road, the higher the toll cost will be.

The Route

There are several routes you can take from Calais to Italy, each with its own toll costs. The most common route takes you through France, Switzerland, and into Italy. This route offers scenic views of the Alps and the French countryside, but it also includes multiple toll roads along the way.

Vehicle Size

The size of your vehicle can also impact the toll costs you will encounter. Larger vehicles, such as trucks or RVs, may be charged higher toll fees due to their size and weight. It’s important to factor in your vehicle size when budgeting for toll costs.

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Estimated Toll Costs

While toll costs can fluctuate based on various factors, here is a general estimate of the toll costs you can expect to encounter on your journey from Calais to Italy:

  • France: €40-€50
  • Switzerland: CHF 30-CHF 40
  • Italy: €50-€60

Keep in mind that these are approximate costs and actual toll fees may vary. It’s always a good idea to check current toll prices and plan your budget accordingly before hitting the road.


Embarking on a road trip from Calais to Italy is a memorable experience that offers breathtaking scenery and unforgettable adventures. By understanding the toll costs and planning ahead, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey without any unexpected expenses. So pack your bags, buckle up, and get ready to hit the road!


1. Are toll costs the same for all vehicles?

No, toll costs can vary depending on the size and weight of your vehicle. Larger vehicles may be charged higher toll fees due to their impact on the road infrastructure.

2. How can I pay toll fees?

Toll fees can usually be paid in cash, by credit card, or via electronic toll collection systems such as E-ZPass or Telepass. Make sure to have the necessary payment methods ready before reaching toll booths.

3. Can I avoid toll roads?

While toll roads may offer faster and more convenient routes, you can choose to avoid them and take alternate routes that are toll-free. However, these routes may be longer and less direct.

4. Are toll costs included in rental car fees?

Toll costs are usually not included in rental car fees and must be paid separately by the driver. Check with your rental car company for more information on toll policies and fees.

5. Are toll costs the same throughout the year?

Toll costs can vary throughout the year, with some toll roads charging higher fees during peak travel seasons. It’s advisable to check for any toll fee increases or changes before embarking on your journey.

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