is it easy to get breakfast in paris

I have always been fascinated by the enchanting city of Paris, with its beautiful architecture, rich history, and delectable cuisine. One question that has often crossed my mind is: is it easy to get breakfast in Paris? In this article, I will delve into the breakfast culture in the City of Light and explore the various options available to start your day off right.

Breakfast Culture in Paris

Parisians take their breakfast seriously, considering it the most important meal of the day. Unlike the hurried breakfasts common in other parts of the world, the French like to take their time and savor their morning meal. Breakfast in Paris is seen as a leisurely affair, where one can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while indulging in a croissant or pain au chocolat.

Typical Breakfast Options

When it comes to breakfast in Paris, there is no shortage of options to choose from. From traditional French pastries to hearty savory dishes, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds. Some popular breakfast choices include:

  • Croissants
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Brioche
  • Baguette with butter and jam
  • Yogurt with granola and fresh fruit
  • Omelette with cheese and herbs

Where to Have Breakfast

There are numerous cafes, bakeries, and brasseries in Paris where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast. Whether you prefer a cozy corner cafe or a bustling bakery, you are sure to find a spot that fits your preferences. Some iconic places to have breakfast in Paris include:

  1. Café de Flore
  2. Angelina
  3. La Maison Rose
  4. Boulangerie Poilâne
  5. Le Pain Quotidien
Getting Breakfast To Go

If you are short on time or prefer to eat on the go, there are plenty of options for takeaway breakfast in Paris. Many bakeries and cafes offer packaged pastries, sandwiches, and beverages that you can grab and enjoy as you explore the city. This way, you can still experience the delicious flavors of a French breakfast while on the move.

Breakfast Etiquette in Paris

When enjoying breakfast in Paris, it is important to keep in mind the cultural norms and etiquette. Parisians appreciate when guests take the time to savor their meal and enjoy the ambiance of the cafe or bakery. It is common to greet the staff with a friendly “Bonjour” and thank them with a “Merci” before leaving. By embracing the local customs, you can fully immerse yourself in the breakfast experience in Paris.


In conclusion, getting breakfast in Paris is not only easy but also a delightful experience. With a wide array of options to choose from, you can enjoy everything from classic French pastries to savory dishes in a charming setting. Whether you prefer to sit down and relax or grab a quick bite on the go, Paris has something for everyone when it comes to breakfast.


1. Is breakfast expensive in Paris?

While some cafes and restaurants in Paris can be pricey, there are also plenty of budget-friendly options for breakfast. You can find affordable breakfasts at local bakeries and markets.

2. What time do Parisians typically have breakfast?

Parisians usually have breakfast between 7 am and 10 am. It is common to enjoy a leisurely meal before starting the day’s activities.

3. Do I need to tip at breakfast in Paris?

In France, tipping is not obligatory, as a service charge is often included in the bill. However, if you receive exceptional service, it is customary to leave a small tip as a gesture of appreciation.

4. Can I find vegan breakfast options in Paris?

Yes, Paris has a growing number of vegan cafes and restaurants that offer delicious breakfast options. You can enjoy plant-based pastries, smoothie bowls, and other vegan delights in the city.

5. Are there any cultural breakfast norms I should be aware of in Paris?

It is considered polite to greet the staff and other customers with a friendly “Bonjour” when entering a cafe or bakery. Taking the time to enjoy your meal and respecting the local customs will enhance your breakfast experience in Paris.

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