is klm related to delta



When it comes to airlines, there are often various partnerships and alliances that can make it confusing to understand who is related to whom. In the case of KLM and Delta, there is certainly an interwoven relationship that is worth exploring. In this article, I will delve into the connection between KLM and Delta, shedding light on how they are related and what this means for travelers.

Understanding KLM and Delta

Before discussing the relationship between KLM and Delta, it’s important to understand each of these airlines individually. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, based in the Netherlands, is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name. Delta Air Lines, on the other hand, is a major American airline that is known for its extensive domestic and international network.

KLM and Delta Partnership

Despite being based in different countries, KLM and Delta have a longstanding partnership that is rooted in the SkyTeam alliance. SkyTeam is a leading global airline alliance that consists of 19 member airlines, including KLM and Delta. This partnership allows the two airlines to collaborate on a range of aspects, such as codesharing, frequent flyer programs, and joint ventures.


One of the key benefits of the KLM-Delta partnership is codesharing, which involves one airline placing its flight designator code on another airline’s flights. This means that KLM and Delta can offer joint flight options, providing greater flexibility and convenience for travelers. For example, a traveler may book a flight with KLM but actually fly on a Delta-operated aircraft, seamlessly connecting the two airlines’ networks.

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Frequent Flyer Programs

Another aspect of the KLM-Delta partnership is the integration of their frequent flyer programs. This means that members of KLM’s Flying Blue and Delta’s SkyMiles programs can earn and redeem miles on each other’s flights. With reciprocal benefits and elite status recognition, loyal customers of both airlines can enjoy a seamless travel experience and maximize their rewards.

Joint Ventures

Beyond codesharing and frequent flyer programs, KLM and Delta have also formed joint ventures to align their operations on transatlantic routes. This strategic collaboration allows the airlines to coordinate schedules, pricing, and revenue sharing, ultimately providing customers with more choices and competitive fares.

The Benefits of the KLM-Delta Partnership

The partnership between KLM and Delta brings about a multitude of benefits for travelers. From expanded flight options to enhanced loyalty program benefits, the collaboration between these two leading airlines is designed to improve the overall travel experience for passengers.


In conclusion, KLM and Delta are closely related through their partnership in the SkyTeam alliance. This alliance enables them to codeshare, integrate frequent flyer programs, and operate joint ventures, all of which contribute to a seamless and comprehensive travel experience for customers. As such, travelers can rest assured that when they choose to fly with KLM or Delta, they are gaining access to a global network of destinations and unparalleled convenience.


1. Is KLM owned by Delta?

No, KLM is not owned by Delta. While the two airlines have a strategic partnership through the SkyTeam alliance, KLM remains an independent airline based in the Netherlands.

2. Can I use Delta SkyMiles on KLM flights?

Yes, Delta SkyMiles members can earn and redeem miles on KLM flights due to the integration of their frequent flyer programs. Similarly, members of KLM’s Flying Blue program can also earn and redeem miles on Delta flights.

3. How does the KLM-Delta partnership benefit travelers?

The partnership between KLM and Delta benefits travelers by providing expanded flight options, seamless connections, and reciprocal loyalty program benefits. This allows customers to enjoy a more convenient and rewarding travel experience.

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4. Are KLM and Delta part of the same airline alliance?

Yes, both KLM and Delta are members of the SkyTeam alliance, which comprises 19 global airlines. This alliance enables them to collaborate on various aspects of their operations and offer joint benefits to their customers.

5. What is the significance of the KLM-Delta joint ventures?

The joint ventures between KLM and Delta allow them to align their transatlantic operations, offering customers more choices, competitive fares, and a seamless travel experience. This strategic collaboration strengthens their presence in the market and enhances their overall offering to passengers.