is nyc monthly metrocard worth it

To Buy or Not to Buy: That Is the Question

Living in New York City comes with its fair share of challenges, but one thing is for certain – you’ll need to get around. The NYC subway system is a key element of city life, and the monthly MetroCard is a popular choice for many residents and commuters. But is it really worth the investment? Let’s dive into the details and find out.

The Cost of Convenience

As a New Yorker, one of the biggest factors when deciding whether to purchase a monthly MetroCard is the cost. At a whopping $127 per month (as of 2021), it’s not exactly pocket change. But when you break it down, the numbers start to make sense. With the pay-per-ride option, a single subway ride costs $2.75, and with the MetroCard’s 11% bonus, the effective fare drops to $2.48. If you take at least 50 rides per month, the monthly MetroCard is the more cost-effective option.

Unlimited vs. Pay-Per-Ride

Another consideration is the flexibility of the MetroCard options. The unlimited monthly MetroCard offers unlimited subway and bus rides within the designated time frame, while the pay-per-ride option allows you to load a specific dollar amount onto your card and pay as you go. For frequent commuters and city dwellers, the unlimited option provides ultimate convenience, knowing that you can hop on and off public transportation without worrying about adding value to your card.

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Commuting Considerations

If you’re a regular commuter, the monthly MetroCard can be a huge time and money-saver. With the unpredictability of traffic and the high cost of parking in the city, relying on public transportation can significantly reduce stress and financial strain. Additionally, the ability to use the MetroCard on buses as well as subways adds an extra layer of convenience for those who utilize both modes of transportation.

Subway Etiquette and Efficiency

For those who prioritize efficiency and punctuality, the monthly MetroCard can streamline your daily routine. Instead of stopping to add fare to your card or fish for exact change, you can simply swipe and go. This not only saves time but also contributes to the overall flow of the subway system, benefiting all passengers. The ease of use and flexibility of the unlimited option makes it a no-brainer for those who value their time and energy.


When it comes down to it, the NYC monthly MetroCard is absolutely worth it for individuals who take public transportation regularly. The convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind it provides make it a valuable investment. While the initial price tag may seem steep, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a city resident, or a frequent visitor, the monthly MetroCard opens the door to unlimited possibilities and stress-free travel.


1. Can I use the NYC monthly MetroCard on both subways and buses?

Yes, the monthly MetroCard is valid for unlimited rides on both the subway and local buses within the designated time period.

2. What happens if I lose my monthly MetroCard?

If your monthly MetroCard is lost or stolen, you can request a replacement card by visiting a MTA customer service center with proper identification. However, keep in mind that replacement fees may apply.

3. Can I share my monthly MetroCard with someone else?

No, the NYC monthly MetroCard is non-transferable and can only be used by the person to whom it is issued. Attempting to share the card with another individual can result in fines and penalties.

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4. Are there any additional perks or discounts associated with the monthly MetroCard?

While the primary benefit of the monthly MetroCard is unlimited rides on the subway and buses, some establishments in New York City may offer discounts or promotions for cardholders. It’s worth exploring local businesses and attractions to see if any special offers apply.

5. Can I purchase a monthly MetroCard online?

Unfortunately, the MTA does not currently offer the option to purchase or refill monthly MetroCards online. However, you can conveniently purchase and refill your card at subway station kiosks and participating vendors throughout the city.