what airport do you fly into for redwood national park

As an avid traveler and nature enthusiast, I have always been drawn to the majestic beauty of Redwood National Park. While planning my next adventure to this stunning natural wonder, I found myself pondering the question: What airport do you fly into for Redwood National Park? After conducting thorough research and speaking to fellow travelers, I’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you navigate your journey to this breathtaking destination.

Fly Into the Arcata-Eureka Airport (ACV)

Located just a short drive from Redwood National Park, the Arcata-Eureka Airport (ACV) is the most convenient option for travelers seeking direct access to the park. This regional airport offers daily flights to and from major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland, making it an easily accessible gateway to the natural splendor of the redwoods.

Convenient Transportation

Upon arrival at the Arcata-Eureka Airport, you’ll find an array of transportation options to help you reach Redwood National Park. Rental car services, shuttle buses, and rideshare options are readily available, allowing you to embark on your adventure without delay.

Alternative Airports

If you’re unable to secure a direct flight to the Arcata-Eureka Airport, there are alternative airports within a reasonable driving distance of Redwood National Park. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Portland International Airport (PDX) both offer convenient connections to the park, albeit with a longer drive ahead.

Scenic Road Trip

While the drive from San Francisco or Portland to Redwood National Park may add a few hours to your journey, it offers the opportunity to experience the stunning coastal landscapes and lush forests of Northern California and Oregon. Consider it a prelude to the awe-inspiring sights that await you within the park.

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In conclusion, the Arcata-Eureka Airport (ACV) serves as the primary entry point for travelers venturing to Redwood National Park. With its proximity to the park and convenient transportation options, it provides an ideal starting point for your exploration of the redwoods. However, if direct flights to ACV are unavailable, alternative airports such as SFO and PDX offer viable options for reaching this natural wonder. Regardless of your chosen flight path, the journey to Redwood National Park promises to be a memorable experience filled with breathtaking sights and unparalleled natural beauty.


1. Are there direct flights to the Arcata-Eureka Airport?

Yes, the Arcata-Eureka Airport offers direct flights to and from major cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland.

2. How far is the Arcata-Eureka Airport from Redwood National Park?

The Arcata-Eureka Airport is located approximately 40 miles from the entrance of Redwood National Park, making it the closest airport to the park.

3. What are the driving distances from San Francisco and Portland to Redwood National Park?

The drive from San Francisco to Redwood National Park is approximately 320 miles, while the drive from Portland to the park is approximately 350 miles.

4. Are there rental car services available at the Arcata-Eureka Airport?

Yes, the Arcata-Eureka Airport offers a variety of rental car services to accommodate travelers’ transportation needs.

5. Can I explore Redwood National Park without a car?

While having a car provides the most flexibility for exploring the park, there are shuttle buses and tours available within the park to accommodate travelers without personal transportation.