what is a roll in shower at a hotel


When you’re booking a hotel room, you may come across the term “roll-in shower.” But what exactly does this mean? In this article, I’ll explain what a roll-in shower is, its benefits, and why it’s important for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities.

Understanding the Roll-in Shower

A roll-in shower, also known as an accessible shower, is a specially designed bathroom feature that allows individuals with mobility challenges to easily enter and use the shower. Unlike traditional showers with a raised threshold, a roll-in shower has a level floor, eliminating the need to step over an obstacle to access the showering area.

Features of a Roll-in Shower

The key features of a roll-in shower include:

  • Wide entryway to accommodate a wheelchair
  • No threshold or curb
  • Hand-held showerhead
  • Built-in shower bench or seat
  • Grab bars for stability and support
  • Non-slip flooring for safety

Benefits of a Roll-in Shower

For individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities, a roll-in shower offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Increased independence and autonomy
  • Reduced risk of accidents and falls
  • Improved accessibility and comfort
  • Enhanced overall hotel experience

Why Are Roll-in Showers Important at Hotels?

Hotels that provide roll-in showers demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility for all guests. By offering this feature, hotels ensure that individuals with mobility challenges can enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay, without facing barriers to essential facilities such as the shower.

My Personal Experience

As someone who has a family member with a mobility challenge, I understand the importance of accessible accommodations. On a recent trip, we booked a hotel room with a roll-in shower, and it made a world of difference in terms of convenience and peace of mind. The thoughtful design and accessibility features of the roll-in shower truly enhanced our overall hotel experience.

Acknowledging Diverse Needs

The provision of roll-in showers at hotels is a step towards acknowledging and meeting the diverse needs of guests. It sends a powerful message of inclusivity and respect for individuals with disabilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and dignified stay at the hotel.


In conclusion, a roll-in shower at a hotel is a specialized bathroom feature designed to provide accessibility and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges or disabilities. By offering this inclusive amenity, hotels demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a comfortable and welcoming experience for all guests.


1. Are roll-in showers only for individuals in wheelchairs?

No, while roll-in showers are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, they also benefit individuals with other mobility challenges, such as those who use walkers or crutches.

2. Do all hotels offer roll-in showers?

Not all hotels have roll-in showers in every room. However, many hotels have accessible rooms with roll-in showers available upon request or as part of their standard room offerings.

3. Can I request a roll-in shower when booking a hotel room?

Absolutely! When making a hotel reservation, you can inquire about the availability of accessible rooms with roll-in showers. It’s always best to communicate your specific needs to ensure a comfortable stay.

4. Are roll-in showers only for guests with disabilities?

While roll-in showers are designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, they can also be convenient for other guests, such as families with young children or anyone who prefers a spacious and accessible shower.

5. What other accessible features should I look for in a hotel room?

In addition to a roll-in shower, accessible hotel rooms may include features such as widened doorways, lower countertops, visual alarms, and accessible parking spaces, among others. It’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing accommodations.

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