what is a superhost on airbnb

Welcome to my guide to understanding what it takes to become an Airbnb Superhost. If you’re a host on Airbnb or are considering becoming one, you’ve probably heard about the Superhost program. In this article, I’ll explain what it means to be a Superhost, how to qualify for the program, and the benefits it offers. Let’s dive in!

What is a Superhost?

A Superhost is an elite designation given to experienced and highly-rated hosts on Airbnb. It’s a mark of quality, indicating that a host consistently provides exceptional hospitality to their guests. Superhosts are known for their outstanding commitment to providing a memorable and comfortable experience for their guests, and they are recognized as leaders in the Airbnb community.

Qualifications for Superhost Status

To qualify as a Superhost, hosts must meet the following criteria:

  • Experience: Hosts must have at least 10 completed trips or 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights.
  • Response Rate: Hosts must maintain a high response rate to guest inquiries, typically 90% or higher.
  • Ratings: Hosts must maintain a high overall rating, typically 4.8 or higher.
  • Cancellations: Hosts must have a low cancellation rate, typically less than 1% of their confirmed reservations.

Benefits of Being a Superhost

Once you achieve Superhost status, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Visibility: Superhosts are featured more prominently in Airbnb search results, making it easier for potential guests to find your listings.
  • Support: You’ll have access to a dedicated team of Airbnb Superhost support specialists who can assist you with any issues or questions you may have.
  • Exclusive Features: Superhosts may receive early access to new Airbnb features and programs, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Recognition: Superhosts receive a special badge on their profile, helping to build trust with potential guests and setting them apart from other hosts.

Tips for Becoming a Superhost

If you’re striving to achieve Superhost status, here are some tips to help you get there:

Provide Exceptional Hospitality

Go above and beyond to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable. Small gestures like leaving a personalized welcome note or offering local recommendations can make a big difference.

Communicate Effectively

Be responsive to guest inquiries and messages, and make yourself available to address any concerns or questions they may have. Good communication is key to providing a positive guest experience.

Maintain High Standards

Keep your property clean, well-maintained, and accurately represented in your listings. Guests are more likely to leave positive reviews and return in the future if they have a great experience at your property.

Be Consistent

Strive to deliver the same level of exceptional hospitality to every guest, regardless of the duration or frequency of their stay. Consistency is key to building a strong reputation as a Superhost.


Becoming an Airbnb Superhost is a prestigious accomplishment that reflects your dedication to providing exceptional hospitality to guests. By meeting the qualifications and maintaining high standards, you can enjoy the benefits of increased visibility, support, and recognition within the Airbnb community. Whether you’re a seasoned host or just starting out, striving for Superhost status can elevate your hosting experience and attract more guests to your listings.


Q: How often is Superhost status reviewed?

A: Superhost status is reviewed quarterly to ensure that hosts continue to meet the qualifying criteria.

Q: Can I lose Superhost status?

A: Yes, if a host’s performance falls below the required standards, they may lose their Superhost status.

Q: What if I don’t meet all the Superhost criteria?

A: If you don’t meet all the criteria, don’t worry! Airbnb takes into account various factors, and you can still work towards achieving Superhost status in the future.

Q: How long does it take to become a Superhost?

A: The timeline for becoming a Superhost varies, but with dedication and commitment, many hosts are able to achieve Superhost status within a few months of hosting on Airbnb.

Q: Are there any downsides to being a Superhost?

A: While being a Superhost comes with many benefits, it also comes with high expectations. Maintaining the required standards and consistency can be challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

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