what is cheaper in dubai airport

The Shopping Experience

When traveling through Dubai Airport, I was amazed by the sheer amount of shopping options available. From luxury brands to local souvenirs, the airport has it all. The duty-free shopping experience in Dubai Airport is unlike any other, with a wide variety of products to choose from.

Electronics and Gadgets

One of the things that caught my eye was the selection of electronics and gadgets available at Dubai Airport. From the latest smartphones to high-quality headphones, the prices were surprisingly competitive. I was able to find some great deals on items that would have cost me a lot more back home.

Fashion and Accessories

If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’ll be in for a treat at Dubai Airport. The range of designer clothing and accessories is extensive, and the prices are often lower than what you’d find in regular retail stores. I managed to snag a few bargains on designer handbags and accessories that I had been eyeing for a while.

Dining and Refreshments

As someone who loves to indulge in good food, I was pleasantly surprised by the dining options at Dubai Airport. I found that the prices of meals and refreshments were reasonable compared to other airports I’ve been to. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a sit-down meal, there’s something for everyone.

Local Delicacies

One of the things I always make a point to try when traveling is the local cuisine. At Dubai Airport, I was able to find a variety of local delicacies at affordable prices. From traditional Arabic sweets to savory snacks, the airport’s food outlets offered a taste of the region’s culinary delights.

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For those who enjoy a good drink, Dubai Airport has a selection of beverages that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing smoothie, a specialty coffee, or a craft beer, you’ll find a range of options at wallet-friendly prices.

Travel Essentials

Another thing I noticed was the affordability of travel essentials at Dubai Airport. From toiletries to travel-sized accessories, I was able to stock up on everything I needed for my trip without overspending. The convenience of having everything available in one place was a major plus.

Health and Beauty Products

Whether you’ve forgotten to pack something or simply want to treat yourself, the airport’s selection of health and beauty products is vast. I was able to find my favorite skincare brands at reasonable prices, making it easy to pick up any last-minute items I needed.

Travel Accessories

From travel pillows to luggage locks, Dubai Airport has a range of travel accessories that are competitively priced. I was able to find some great deals on items that are crucial for a comfortable and hassle-free journey.


Overall, I found that shopping at Dubai Airport was a pleasant surprise. From the variety of products available to the reasonable prices, the airport offers a great shopping experience for travelers. Whether you’re looking for electronics, fashion, dining options, or travel essentials, you’re likely to find that certain items are cheaper in Dubai Airport compared to other places. It’s definitely worth taking the time to explore the shopping options while passing through the airport.


1. Are the prices at Dubai Airport duty-free shops really lower than elsewhere?

Yes, the duty-free shops at Dubai Airport often offer lower prices on a wide range of products compared to regular retail stores.

2. Can I find local Dubai souvenirs at the airport?

Absolutely! Dubai Airport has a selection of local souvenirs and gifts that are perfect for bringing back a piece of the culture.

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3. What are the dining options like at Dubai Airport?

The airport offers a diverse array of dining options, including local and international cuisines, at various price points to suit different budgets.

4. Are there any restrictions on the quantity of duty-free items I can purchase at the airport?

There are limits on the quantity of duty-free items you can purchase, so it’s important to be aware of these restrictions when shopping.

5. Can I use any currency at the airport shops and restaurants?

While most places at Dubai Airport accept major currencies and credit cards, it’s always best to have some local currency on hand for smaller purchases.