what is the best seat in economy class in qatar airways


As a frequent traveler, I understand the importance of choosing the best seat in economy class to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable flight. Qatar Airways is known for its exceptional service and luxurious amenities, but finding the perfect seat can make all the difference in your inflight experience. In this article, I will explore the various options for the best seat in economy class on Qatar Airways, helping you make an informed decision for your next journey.

Choosing the Best Seat

1. Window or Aisle Seat

When selecting your seat on Qatar Airways, it’s essential to consider whether you prefer a window seat for a view or an aisle seat for easy access to the restroom and cabin crew. Each has its advantages, and the choice ultimately depends on your personal preference.

2. Legroom and Seat Pitch

For a comfortable flight, legroom and seat pitch are crucial factors to consider. Qatar Airways offers various seats with extra legroom and greater recline, providing you with a more relaxed journey.

3. Seat Configuration

The seat configuration on Qatar Airways’ economy class may vary depending on the aircraft. Some configurations offer more privacy and space, while others are more suitable for families or groups traveling together.

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Best Seats on Qatar Airways

1. Bulkhead Seats

Choosing a bulkhead seat can provide additional legroom and a more peaceful environment. These seats are often located at the front of the cabin and offer extra space to stretch your legs.

2. Exit Row Seats

Exit row seats are known for their ample legroom, making them an excellent choice for taller passengers or anyone who values extra space. However, it’s essential to note that these seats come with added responsibility during emergency situations.

3. Seats with Extra Recline

Seats with greater recline are ideal for passengers who prefer to relax and sleep during the flight. These seats can make a significant difference in your comfort level, especially on long-haul journeys.

Tips for Selecting the Best Seat

1. Advance Seat Selection

Qatar Airways allows passengers to select their seats in advance, ensuring you have the best possible options for your journey. I recommend taking advantage of this feature to secure your preferred seat.

2. Consider SeatGuru and Similar Platforms

SeatGuru and other similar platforms provide detailed seat maps and reviews, helping you make an informed decision about the best seat for your flight. These resources can offer valuable insights into the seat configuration and overall comfort level.

3. Check for Special Offers

Qatar Airways may occasionally offer upgrades to business class or premium economy at a discounted rate. Keep an eye out for these special offers, as they can provide an opportunity to experience greater comfort during your journey.


Choosing the best seat in economy class on Qatar Airways is a crucial step in ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable flight. By considering factors such as legroom, seat configuration, and special offers, you can make an informed decision that enhances your overall travel experience. Whether you prefer a window seat for the view or an aisle seat for convenience, Qatar Airways offers a range of options to suit every traveler’s needs.

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Q: Can I select my seat in advance on Qatar Airways?

A: Yes, Qatar Airways allows passengers to select their seats in advance through the airline’s website or mobile app.

Q: Are there any extra charges for selecting a preferred seat on Qatar Airways?

A: Depending on your fare class and frequent flyer status, there may be additional charges for selecting specific seats with extra legroom or other amenities.

Q: Are bulkhead seats worth the additional cost?

A: Bulkhead seats can provide extra legroom and a more peaceful environment, making them a worthwhile investment for a more comfortable journey.

Q: Can I change my seat selection after booking my flight on Qatar Airways?

A: Yes, you can modify your seat selection after booking your flight, subject to availability and any applicable fees.

Q: Are there any restrictions on selecting exit row seats on Qatar Airways?

A: Qatar Airways may have specific requirements for passengers seated in exit rows, such as physical capability and willingness to assist during an emergency evacuation.