where are russians holidaying 2023



As a Russian citizen, I have always been curious about the holiday destinations my fellow countrymen prefer. With 2023 just around the corner, I decided to delve into this topic and provide a comprehensive guide to where Russians are holidaying in the upcoming year. From serene beaches to bustling cities, Russians have a diverse range of holiday choices that cater to different tastes and preferences.

The Allure of Domestic Destinations

Many Russians are opting to explore their own country for their holidays, and for good reason. The vast and diverse landscapes of Russia offer everything from majestic mountains to tranquil lakes. Destinations such as the Siberian wilderness, the Golden Ring cities, and the stunning Lake Baikal are drawing in crowds of local tourists who are eager to explore the beauty of their home nation.

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Popular International Destinations

While domestic travel is on the rise, many Russians are also looking beyond their borders for holiday destinations. With the easing of travel restrictions, countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Spain are becoming popular choices for Russian holidaymakers. The allure of warm beaches, rich history, and vibrant cultures is drawing Russians to these Mediterranean and European destinations.

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Off the Beaten Path

For those seeking unique and unconventional holiday experiences, offbeat destinations are gaining popularity among Russians. Countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Morocco have caught the attention of adventurous travelers who crave immersive cultural experiences and breathtaking natural landscapes. These destinations offer a blend of authenticity and adventure that appeals to the curious souls of Russian holidaymakers.

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In conclusion, the holiday choices of Russians in 2023 are diverse and varied, spanning from domestic destinations to international hotspots and offbeat locations. The trend of exploring the beauty of Russia itself, as well as venturing beyond its borders, showcases the evolving travel preferences of Russian tourists. Whether it’s the lure of familiar landscapes or the thrill of discovering new cultures, Russians are spoilt for choice when it comes to holidaying in 2023.


1. Are Russians traveling more domestically or internationally in 2023?

Russians are showing an increasing preference for domestic travel in 2023, with many opting to explore the diverse landscapes and attractions within their own country. However, international travel is also on the rise as travel restrictions ease and popular destinations open up to Russian tourists.

2. Which international destinations are popular among Russian holidaymakers in 2023?

Popular international destinations for Russian holidaymakers in 2023 include Turkey, Greece, Spain, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Morocco. These countries offer a mix of seaside relaxation, cultural immersion, and adventure, catering to different travel preferences.

3. What are some offbeat holiday destinations favored by Russians in 2023?

Russians are increasingly drawn to offbeat destinations such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Morocco for their holidays in 2023. These countries provide unique cultural experiences and stunning natural scenery, appealing to the adventurous spirit of Russian travelers.

4. Is domestic travel in Russia more popular than international travel in 2023?

While domestic travel within Russia is gaining popularity among Russian tourists, international travel is also seeing an uptick as travel restrictions ease and more destinations become accessible. Both domestic and international travel options are being explored by Russian holidaymakers in 2023.

5. What factors are influencing the holiday choices of Russians in 2023?

The holiday choices of Russians in 2023 are influenced by a variety of factors, including the desire to explore their own country’s natural beauty, the appeal of international destinations with rich cultural heritage and warm climates, and the increasing interest in offbeat locations that offer unique experiences. The evolving travel preferences of Russians are shaped by a combination of personal interests, travel trends, and global circumstances.

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