where can i walk in baku

Exploring Baku on Foot

When it comes to discovering a city’s hidden gems and unique charm, there’s no better way to do so than by walking. Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, is a city brimming with history, culture, and stunning architecture, making it the perfect destination for a leisurely stroll. Whether you’re a history buff, a foodie, or a nature lover, there are plenty of walking routes in Baku that cater to all interests. In this guide, I’ll take you through some of the best places to explore on foot in this vibrant city.

Old City (İçəri Şəhər)

The Old City, also known as İçəri Şəhər, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the heart of Baku’s rich history. As you wander through its maze-like streets, you’ll be transported back in time to the city’s medieval past. Marvel at the ancient city walls, visit the iconic Maiden Tower, and explore the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a stunning example of medieval Islamic architecture. The Old City is a treasure trove of historical landmarks, charming cafes, and artisan shops, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Baku Boulevard

Stretching along the Caspian Sea, Baku Boulevard is the perfect place for a scenic waterfront walk. This picturesque promenade offers stunning views of the sea, as well as lush parks, outdoor art installations, and seaside cafes. Take a leisurely stroll along the boulevard, rent a bicycle, or simply sit back and enjoy the sea breeze. Baku Boulevard is the ideal spot for a relaxing afternoon walk and a breath of fresh air amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Flame Towers

The iconic Flame Towers are a modern architectural marvel that dominates Baku’s skyline. These three skyscrapers, shaped to resemble flames, are a symbol of the city’s transformation into a modern metropolis. While you can’t walk inside the towers themselves, you can admire them from various vantage points around the city. Take a walk around the base of the towers and marvel at their dazzling LED displays that illuminate the night sky, creating a truly mesmerizing sight.

Off the Beaten Path

While Baku’s main attractions are certainly worth a visit, there are also plenty of hidden gems that are best explored on foot. Here are some lesser-known walking routes that offer a unique perspective of the city.

Yanar Dag (Burning Mountain)

Located on the outskirts of Baku, Yanar Dag is a natural wonder that’s worth the journey. This “Burning Mountain” is a hillside constantly ablaze with natural gas fires, creating an otherworldly, flame-filled landscape. While it’s not a traditional walking trail, the short hike to the viewing platform offers a surreal and unforgettable experience. Explore this otherworldly landscape and witness the mesmerizing sight of flames dancing atop the mountain, a truly unique adventure for nature lovers.

Heydar Aliyev Center

Designed by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the Heydar Aliyev Center is a futuristic masterpiece that defies convention. The building’s fluid, organic shape and gleaming white exterior make it a striking contrast to Baku’s historic architecture. Take a walk around the center and marvel at its avant-garde design, intricate details, and thought-provoking exhibits. The Heydar Aliyev Center offers a refreshing contemporary perspective of the city, making it a must-see for art and architecture aficionados.

Gobustan National Park

If you’re craving a nature-filled escape from the city, Gobustan National Park is the perfect destination. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to ancient rock carvings, mud volcanoes, and stunning desert landscapes. Embark on a guided walking tour of the park and marvel at the prehistoric petroglyphs that adorn the rugged cliffs. Explore the park’s otherworldly terrain, and witness the bubbling mud volcanoes that create a surreal, lunar-like atmosphere. Gobustan National Park is a captivating blend of history and nature, offering an enriching walking experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Exploring Baku on foot is an immersive and rewarding experience that allows you to uncover the city’s multifaceted charm at your own pace. From the ancient streets of the Old City to the contemporary allure of the Flame Towers, there’s no shortage of captivating walking routes in Baku. Whether you’re drawn to history, art, nature, or modern architecture, there’s something for everyone to discover in this vibrant city. So lace up your walking shoes, embrace the spirit of adventure, and set out on foot to explore the wonders of Baku.


Q: Is it safe to walk in Baku?

A: Baku is generally a safe city for pedestrians, especially in the main tourist areas. However, it’s always advisable to exercise caution and be aware of your surroundings, especially at night and in less crowded areas.

Q: Are there any guided walking tours in Baku?

A: Yes, there are several tour companies that offer guided walking tours of Baku, covering the city’s main attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path gems. These tours are led by knowledgeable local guides who provide in-depth insights into the city’s history, culture, and architecture.

Q: What is the best time of year to walk in Baku?

A: The best time to explore Baku on foot is during the spring or autumn, when the weather is mild and pleasant. Summer can be quite hot, while winter brings cold temperatures and occasional snowfall, so it’s best to plan your walking excursions around the milder seasons.

Q: Are there any specific dress codes for walking in Baku?

A: While Baku is a modern and cosmopolitan city, it’s respectful to dress modestly when visiting religious sites and when in more conservative areas. In general, comfortable and casual clothing, along with sturdy walking shoes, is suitable for exploring the city on foot.

Q: Can I walk to Baku’s famous landmarks from the city center?

A: Yes, many of Baku’s famous landmarks, such as the Old City and the Flame Towers, are within walking distance of the city center. The compact size of the city makes it easy to explore on foot, allowing you to seamlessly navigate between iconic sites and immerse yourself in the city’s allure.

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