which airline doesn t allow leggings

As a frequent traveler, I’ve always been conscious about what to wear when flying. Leggings have always been a comfortable choice for many, but not all airlines allow passengers to wear them on their flights. If you’re wondering which airline doesn’t allow leggings, read on to find out more.

Why Leggings?

Leggings have become a popular choice for many travelers due to their comfort and flexibility. They are easy to move in and can be worn for long hours without feeling restrictive. However, some airlines have specific dress codes that prohibit leggings as part of their in-flight attire.

Airline Dress Codes

Several airlines have implemented dress codes for passengers, which may restrict the type of clothing allowed on board. This is often to maintain a certain level of decorum and professionalism during the flight. While dress codes may vary from one airline to another, it’s essential to be aware of any specific regulations before traveling.

Which Airline Has a No Leggings Policy?

One notable airline that doesn’t allow passengers to wear leggings is United Airlines. The company faced public backlash after refusing boarding to two young girls who were wearing leggings back in 2017. While the policy primarily applies to non-revenue passengers using employee passes, it still sparked a debate about the appropriateness of leggings on flights.

Reasons for the Dress Code

There are several reasons why airlines have implemented dress codes, which may include:

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Professional Image

Airlines often aim to maintain a professional image within their cabins. This may involve setting guidelines for passengers’ attire to align with the company’s standards and expectations. Exercising discretion when choosing clothing for a flight can help in projecting a polished and respectable image.

Safety and Security

In some cases, dress codes may be established to ensure passengers’ safety and security during the flight. Clothing that is too revealing or inappropriate may pose a distraction to the crew and fellow passengers. Airlines may also have measures in place to help identify passengers in case of an emergency, and this can be compromised by overly casual attire.

Customer Comfort

Airlines aim to provide a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience for their passengers. Some individuals may feel uncomfortable when sitting next to a fellow passenger who is dressed in a manner they find unsuitable. By implementing a dress code, airlines attempt to create a harmonious environment on board.

What to Wear Instead

If leggings are not allowed on a particular airline, there are numerous alternative clothing options that passengers can consider for their travel attire. Comfortable yet appropriate clothing choices may include:

Loose-Fitting Pants

Opt for loose-fitting pants made of breathable fabric for a comfortable and stylish look. This type of clothing can provide the same level of comfort as leggings while adhering to the airline’s dress code.

Jeans or Trousers

Jeans or trousers are a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down for a flight. They are a great option for passengers who want to feel relaxed without compromising on style.

Maxi Skirts or Dresses

For a touch of femininity, maxi skirts or dresses made of soft, flowing fabric can be an excellent alternative to leggings. They offer freedom of movement and comfort while maintaining a sophisticated appearance.


In conclusion, it’s essential to be aware of any dress codes enforced by airlines before traveling. While leggings are a popular clothing choice for many, some airlines do not permit them to be worn on their flights. Understanding the rationale behind these regulations can help passengers make informed decisions about their attire. By selecting appropriate and comfortable clothing options, travelers can ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey.

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1. Can I wear leggings on any airline?

While many airlines allow passengers to wear leggings, some have specific dress codes that prohibit their use. It’s advisable to check the airline’s policy before traveling to avoid any issues at the airport.

2. Why do airlines have dress codes?

Airlines implement dress codes to maintain a professional image, ensure safety and security, and create a comfortable environment for all passengers on board.

3. What can I wear instead of leggings?

There are various clothing options that passengers can consider, including loose-fitting pants, jeans or trousers, and maxi skirts or dresses. These alternatives provide comfort while complying with airline dress codes.

4. Does the no leggings policy apply to all passengers?

The no leggings policy may apply to non-revenue passengers using employee passes on some airlines. However, it’s essential for all passengers to be aware of the dress code requirements, regardless of their ticket type.

5. How can I find information about an airline’s dress code?

Information about an airline’s dress code can typically be found on their official website or by contacting their customer service. It’s important to review these guidelines before traveling to ensure compliance with the airline’s policies.