Which Of These Layers Of The Sun Is Coolest?

Terms in this set (32) Which layer of the Sun is the coolest? The photosphere is the coolest.

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What are the layers of the Sun from hottest to coolest?

The Earth’s layers from coolest to hottest are: crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.

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What is the cool part of the Sun?

Sunspots are darker, cooler areas on the surface of the sun in a region called the photosphere. The photosphere has a temperature of 5,800 degrees Kelvin.

Which of the following stars has the coolest surface temperature?

Red dwarfs are the coolest. Red dwarfs are usually

What is the coolest layer?

i.e.Mesosphere. The mesosphere is the coolest layer in the atmosphere. Mesosphere: It lies between 50 Km and 80 Km above the earth’s surface.

Which is the coldest layer?

The mesosphere is the middle layer of the atmosphere that has the coldest layer. … The layer contains most of the mass of the atmosphere. The mesosphere is the coldest atmospheric layer surrounding the earth.

What is the coolest part of the Sun quizlet?

Which layer of the Sun is the coolest? The photosphere is the coolest.

Which layer of the Sun is the hottest quizlet?

What are Sun layers?

The inner layers are the Core, Radiative Zone and Convection Zone. The outer layers are the Photosphere, the Chromosphere, the Transition Region and the Corona. IRIS will focus its investigation on the Chromosphere and Transition Region.

Which part of the Sun is coolest and why?

The photosphere, which is outside the core, is the coolest layer. This is as expected, because normally heat passes outwardly from hot to cold. However, the Sun’s outermost atmospheric layer is much hotter than its surface layer!

Which part of Sun is hottest?

The core is at the center. It the hottest region, where the nuclear fusion reactions that power the Sun occur.

Which is the outermost layer of the Sun?

Corona is the outermost layer of the Sun. It experiences a very high temperature, about one million degrees Celcius. It starts at about 2100 km above the photosphere. Corona isn’t visible from the earth (except during solar eclipse).

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What stars are the coolest?

Red stars are the coolest. Yellow stars are hotter than red stars. White stars are hotter than red and yellow. Blue stars are the hottest stars of all.

Which star has the coolest surface temperature quizlet?

Which star has the lowest surface temperature? Antares, with a spectral type of M1 (the furthest from O in OBAFGKM), has the lowest surface temperature.

Which of the following spectral types of stars are listed from hottest to coolest?

From hottest to coldest, these seven spectral classes are designated O, B, A, F, G, K, and M. Recently, astronomers have added three additional classes for even cooler objects”L, T, and Y.

Is the stratosphere the coldest layer?

Stratosphere: The stratosphere extends from the top of the troposphere to about 50 km (31 miles) above the ground. Mesosphere: Above the stratosphere is the mesosphere. The coldest temperatures in Earth’s atmosphere, about -90° C (-130° F), are found near this layer’s top.

Is mesosphere the coldest layer?

Mesosphere, altitude and temperature characteristics

The top of the mesosphere is the coldest area of the Earth’s atmosphere because temperature may locally decrease to as low as 100 K (-173°C).

Which part of the Earth is the coldest?

What is the coldest place on Earth? It is a high ridge in Antarctica on the East Antarctic Plateau where temperatures in several hollows can dip below minus 133.6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 92 degrees Celsius) on a clear winter night.

Which is the hottest layer?

The inner core is the hottest layer, above 9000 Fahrenheit and it is 1250 km thick!

What are the hottest and coldest layers of the atmosphere?

Detailed Solution. Thermosphere is the hottest layer of the atmosphere while Mesosphere is the coldest layer of the atmosphere. Solar activity strongly influences temperature in the thermosphere, the temperature of this layer can rise as high as 1500 °C.

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Which is the coldest region of atmosphere?

The mesosphere is directly above the stratosphere and below the thermosphere. It extends from about 50 to 85 km (31 to 53 miles) above our planet. Temperature decreases with height throughout the mesosphere. The coldest temperatures in Earth’s atmosphere, about -90° C (-130° F), are found near the top of this layer.

What are the hottest areas of the Sun quizlet?

The three zones of the sun are the core, radiative zone, and convection zone. The core is at the center and is the hottest, it also is where the nuclear fusions reaction that power the sun occur.

Which of the following types of star is the coolest has the lowest surface temperature )? Group of answer choices?

Type O stars have the highest surface temperatures and can be as hot as 30,000 Kelvins. On the other extreme, type M stars have the lowest surface temperatures and can be as cool as 3,000 K.

Where on this diagram do we find stars that are cool and dim?

Stars that are cool and dim are located in the lower right of the plot. Cool and luminous stars are in the upper right, hot and dim stars are in the lower left, and hot and luminous stars are in the upper left.

What are the layers of the sun quizlet?

  • Core. The center of the sun, made of very dense gas. …
  • Radiative Zone. Energy from the core moves through the thick layer called the radiative zone. …
  • Convection Zone. …
  • Photosphere. …
  • Chromosphere. …
  • Corona. …
  • Sun spots. …
  • Solar Flares and Prominences.

What are the four major layers of the sun quizlet?

What are the four major layers of the sun quizlet?

The main layers are the photosphere, chromosphere, and corona. The photosphere is the normally visible surface of the Sun and can be observed with visible light. The chromosphere and corona are best observed during total eclipses or artificial eclipses produced by coronagraphs.

What is the thinnest layer of the sun?

What is the thinnest layer of the Sun? Compared to the radius of the Sun, which is nearly 700 thousand kilometers (more than 400 thousand miles), the chromosphere is a very thin layer.


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