Who has the most senior All-Ireland hurling medals?

The all-time record-holders are Kilkenny, who have won the championship on 36 occasions.

What hurler has the most All-Ireland medals?

Eddie Keher, a six-time All-Ireland medallist and the man who Shefflin surpassed as the top scorer of all-time, stated: “Henry Shefflin is the greatest hurler of all time.

Who is the highest scorer in hurling?

Who has 7 All-Ireland medals?

Several Kerry players have amassed seven All-Ireland medals, the majority in the O’Dwyer era, among them Jack O’Shea, Eoin Liston, Tommy Doyle, Mick Spillane, Charlie Nelligan and Seán Walsh, who joined the Kerry squad after the 1975 win and were there until 1986.

What woman has the most All-Ireland medals?

Who won most Hurling All Irelands?

The prize for the All-Ireland champions is the Liam MacCarthy Cup. Kilkenny hold the record for the most victories, winning the competition thirty-six times since its inception.

What counties have never won an All-Ireland hurling?

Least successful counties

There are eight counties that have never been represented in a Senior All-Ireland Final. These are Carlow, Fermanagh, Kilkenny, Leitrim, Sligo, Westmeath, Wicklow, and Longford.

Which country has the most All-Ireland hurling titles?

What Dublin players have 8 All-Ireland medals?

What Kerry players have 8 All Irelands?

How much is an All-Ireland medal worth?

All-Ireland winners’ medals are struck in nine carat gold. The bullion value of each is about £30 or £40 and it probably costs £80 to £100 to make each one, of which there are approximately 20 medals for each All-Ireland final.

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Did Waterford ever win an All-Ireland?

The All-Ireland senior hurling final saw Waterford lining out in only their third ever championship decider. They last played in the All-Ireland final two years earlier in 1957 when they were defeated by Kilkenny. Waterford last won the title in 1948 when they defeated Dublin.

Who has the most All-Ireland Camogie medals?

Cork have won the All-Ireland Senior Camogie Championship the most times ” twenty-eight titles. Dublin have 26 Titles.

Who has the most All-Ireland football titles?

Who has lost the most All-Ireland hurling finals?

Kilkenny have also been runners-up the most times, losing the final twenty-five times. The province of Munster has provided the most champions, with seventy-one wins between all six counties.

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