who is larger marriott or hilton

As a frequent traveler, I’ve often wondered about the size and scope of these two hospitality giants, Marriott and Hilton. In this article, I’ll delve into the data to determine which of these hotel chains is truly larger.

Market Capitalization and Revenue

When it comes to market capitalization, Marriott International takes the lead. With a market capitalization of over $46 billion, Marriott outpaces Hilton’s market capitalization of around $21 billion. In terms of revenue, Marriott also has a higher annual revenue, with over $22 billion compared to Hilton’s approximately $9 billion. This indicates that Marriott is the larger company in terms of financial metrics.

Number of Properties

However, the size of a hotel chain isn’t just about financials. The number of properties under each brand is also a crucial factor. As of 2021, Marriott has over 7,800 properties worldwide, while Hilton boasts approximately 6,500 properties. This means that Marriott has a larger physical presence globally, with more hotels and resorts bearing its name.

Brand Penetration

Brand penetration, or the reach of a company’s brands into different market segments, is another aspect to consider. Marriott has several distinct brands under its umbrella, including The Ritz-Carlton, JW Marriott, and Sheraton, to name a few. On the other hand, Hilton is home to brands like Waldorf Astoria, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, and DoubleTree by Hilton. While the number of brands can vary over time, Marriott’s portfolio allows it to penetrate a wider range of markets and cater to different customer segments, giving it an edge in brand penetration.

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Geographical Presence

In terms of geographical presence, Marriott has a more extensive global footprint. It operates in over 130 countries and territories, while Hilton is present in around 120 countries. This suggests that Marriott has a slightly wider reach and a larger international presence compared to Hilton.

Employee Count

Another metric that can indicate the size of a company is its employee count. Marriott employs over 700,000 individuals worldwide, making it one of the largest employers in the hospitality industry. Hilton, on the other hand, has around 150,000 employees. This significant difference in employee count further reinforces the idea that Marriott is the larger of the two companies.


After examining various factors such as market capitalization, revenue, number of properties, brand penetration, geographical presence, and employee count, it’s clear that Marriott holds the title of the larger hotel chain when compared to Hilton. While both companies are formidable players in the hospitality industry, Marriott’s financial metrics, extensive portfolio of brands, global reach, and sizable workforce position it as the larger of the two.


1. Are Marriott and Hilton the largest hotel chains in the world?

No, Marriott and Hilton are not the largest hotel chains in the world. In terms of the number of properties, the largest hotel chain is InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), which has over 8,000 properties worldwide.

2. Which brand under Marriott or Hilton is the most luxurious?

Marriott’s The Ritz-Carlton and Hilton’s Waldorf Astoria are considered the most luxurious brands under their respective umbrellas, offering top-tier accommodations and amenities.

3. How do Marriott and Hilton differ in their target markets?

Marriott tends to cater to a diverse range of travelers, from budget-conscious to luxury-seeking guests, due to its wide array of brands. Hilton, on the other hand, focuses on offering upscale and mid-scale accommodations, targeting business and leisure travelers.

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4. Which hotel chain has a stronger presence in the Asia-Pacific region?

Marriott has a stronger presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with a larger number of properties and a more extensive market reach compared to Hilton.

5. How do Marriott and Hilton compare in terms of loyalty programs?

Marriott’s Bonvoy loyalty program and Hilton’s Honors loyalty program both offer a range of perks and benefits to frequent guests, including points accrual, elite status, and reward redemption options. The two programs are highly competitive and cater to different traveler preferences.