Who Played Mad Dog On Good Times?


Oscar DeGruy: Mad Dog ” Cleon Edwards.

Why did JJ get shot on Good Times?

Across Good Times’ six seasons, there were creative and ideological differences between Amos, Rolle, and the show’s writers and producers. Amos’s contract was not renewed after the third season, and his character was killed off. This was due in part to his issues with what he perceived as a negative portrayal of J.J.

Did JJ get shot on Good Times?

After getting shot by Mad Dog while trying save James, J.J. comes home and makes like he was critically injured even though it was just a flesh wound.

Who played Oscar on Good Times?

Who played cousin Naomi on Good Times?

Bonnie Banfield started her career off of Five on the Black Hand Side then she stared on Episode 13 on Season 2 called Sometimes There’s No Bottle in the Bottle. She acted as Naomi Wilson, Thelma, Michael, and J.J’s cousin.

Who played neck bone on Good Times?

“Good Times” The Gang: Part 1 (TV Episode 1974) ” Michael D. Roberts as Neck Bone ” Sylvester ” IMDb.

Did John Amos and Esther Rolle get along?

We were never friends, we never talked,” he continued. “If you said at that time ‘Call Esther and ask her about [anything],’ I wouldn’t even have her number. We never spoke to each other. Only on the set.”

Did John Amos and Jimmie Walker get along?

John Amos still had fun with Jimmie Walker while it lasted

During his seasons on Good Times, Amos had plenty of opportunity to stick it to Walker. Every time J.J. messed up, the script had James Sr. whack him.

Who played Sweet Pea on Good Times?

Doug Grant: Eddie, Sweet Pea ” Tyrone.

Who played the junior warlords on Good Times?

Who played Eddie the bully on Good Times?

Eddie (played by the late actor Robert Douglas “Doug” Grant, Jr.) was a school bully and an extortionist by ripping off Michael’s school lunches.

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What season did JJ get shot on Good Times?

The Gang: Part 2.

Who played Mr Harris on Good Times?

“The Houseguest” turns out to be Ernie Harris (Thalmus Rasulala), James’ boyhood pal from Mississippi, invited to stay with the Evans family for a short time.

How old is Thelma from Good Times?

Why did good times go off the air?

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