why are some flights not on flightaware



As an avid traveler and aviation enthusiast, I have often found myself intrigued by the tracking capabilities of Flightaware. However, I have also come across instances where certain flights are not available on the platform. This anomaly has piqued my curiosity and led me to delve deeper into the reasons behind it.

What is Flightaware?

Flightaware is a popular flight tracking platform that provides real-time and historical flight tracking data. It offers a comprehensive range of flight tracking services, including live flight tracking, flight status, and airport delays. The platform is widely used by aviation enthusiasts, travelers, and aviation professionals to track the status and location of flights around the world.

Why are Some Flights Not on Flightaware?

After conducting extensive research and speaking to aviation experts, I have uncovered several reasons why certain flights may not be available on Flightaware. These reasons can be attributed to various factors, including flight type, flight operator, and technical limitations.

1. Flight Type

One of the primary reasons why some flights may not appear on Flightaware is the type of flight itself. Flightaware primarily focuses on commercial airline flights and may not track certain types of flights, such as military, private, or charter flights. These flights are often operated under different regulations and may not be publicly available for tracking due to security and privacy concerns.

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2. Flight Operator

Another factor that influences the availability of flights on Flightaware is the flight operator or airline. Some airlines may choose not to participate in flight tracking services for competitive or operational reasons. This decision may be influenced by the airline’s policy or agreements with specific flight tracking platforms, leading to certain flights not being displayed on Flightaware.

3. Technical Limitations

Technical limitations and data coverage can also impact the visibility of flights on Flightaware. The platform relies on a network of data sources, including ADS-B, MLAT, and FAA data, to track and display flights. However, not all regions or airspace may have adequate data coverage, resulting in incomplete or limited flight tracking capabilities in certain areas.

4. Data Accuracy and Delay

Flightaware strives to provide accurate and real-time flight tracking data. However, factors such as signal reception, data processing, and transmission delays can affect the availability and accuracy of flight information on the platform. Flights operating in remote or challenging environments may experience limited data coverage or delayed updates, impacting their visibility on Flightaware.


While Flightaware offers a comprehensive and reliable flight tracking experience, the absence of certain flights on the platform can be attributed to a variety of reasons. Understanding the factors that influence flight visibility on Flightaware can provide valuable insights into the complexities of flight tracking and the aviation industry as a whole.


1. Can I request a flight to be added to Flightaware?

Flightaware relies on data provided by flight operators and regulatory agencies, and as such, individual requests to add specific flights to the platform may not be feasible. However, users can contact Flightaware support for inquiries related to flight visibility and tracking.

2. Why are military flights not displayed on Flightaware?

Military flights are often subject to operational security and privacy concerns, leading to limited public visibility on flight tracking platforms like Flightaware. These flights operate under different regulations and are not typically available for public tracking.

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3. Are there any alternative flight tracking platforms for non-commercial flights?

While Flightaware primarily focuses on commercial airline flights, there are alternative flight tracking platforms and services that cater to non-commercial flights, such as military, private, and charter flights. These platforms may offer specialized tracking capabilities for specific types of flights.

4. How can I access real-time flight tracking for flights not available on Flightaware?

For flights that are not visible on Flightaware, users can explore alternative flight tracking options, such as contacting the flight operator for live updates, utilizing specialized aviation tracking services, or leveraging other publicly available flight tracking data sources.

5. What measures does Flightaware take to ensure data accuracy and reliability?

Flightaware employs a range of data sources, algorithms, and quality control measures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of flight tracking data. These efforts include data validation, error detection, and continuous improvement of data processing and presentation.