why are there so many police in tulum


When I first visited Tulum, I was perplexed by the high number of police officers I saw patrolling the streets. It seemed like there were police on every corner, and I couldn’t help but wonder why. After doing some research and talking to locals, I learned that there are several reasons for the increased police presence in Tulum.

Tourism Boom

The tourism industry in Tulum has experienced a burstiness in recent years, with an influx of visitors from all over the world. This surge in tourism has led to an increase in crime, including theft, scams, and drug-related incidents. As a result, the local government has deployed more police officers to ensure the safety and security of tourists and residents alike.

Drug Trafficking

Tulum is located near the state of Quintana Roo, which is a known hotspot for drug trafficking. This has led to an upsurge in drug-related crimes in the area, prompting the need for heightened police presence to combat the issue. The police are actively working to dismantle drug cartels and prevent the spread of illegal substances in Tulum.

Public Safety

With the surge in population and tourism, maintaining public safety has become a top priority for the local authorities. The increased police presence serves as a deterrent to potential criminals and ensures that residents and visitors feel safe while exploring the beautiful beaches and attractions of Tulum.

Local Politics

The political landscape of Tulum has also played a role in the high number of police officers in the area. Political corruption and power struggles have led to an unstable environment, making it necessary to have a strong police force to maintain order and prevent civil unrest.

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In conclusion, the presence of a large number of police officers in Tulum can be attributed to the surge in tourism, drug trafficking, public safety concerns, and local political issues. The police are actively working to ensure the safety and security of the community and visitors, making Tulum a safe and enjoyable destination for all.


1. Is Tulum a safe place to visit?

Yes, despite the high police presence, Tulum is generally a safe place to visit. The police are there to ensure the safety of residents and tourists.

2. Can I report a crime to the police in Tulum?

Absolutely, the police in Tulum are approachable and responsive. If you witness or experience any criminal activity, do not hesitate to report it to the authorities.

3. Are the police in Tulum corrupt?

While there have been instances of corruption in the past, the local government is working to clean up the police force and ensure that officers are trustworthy and reliable.

4. What measures should I take to stay safe in Tulum?

It’s always important to stay vigilant and mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded tourist areas. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and be wary of strangers offering unsolicited services.

5. How can I show my appreciation for the police in Tulum?

Showing appreciation for the hard work of the police officers in Tulum can be as simple as saying “thank you” or offering a friendly smile. Small gestures of kindness can go a long way in supporting the local law enforcement.