why is wizz air so cheap


As a frequent traveler, I have always been on the lookout for budget airlines that offer affordable fares without compromising on quality. One airline that has caught my attention is Wizz Air. With their incredibly low prices, I often find myself wondering, why is Wizz Air so cheap? In this article, I will delve into the factors that contribute to Wizz Air’s affordability and shed some light on the airline’s business model.

Low Operating Costs

One of the key reasons behind Wizz Air’s inexpensive ticket prices is its low operating costs. Unlike legacy carriers, Wizz Air operates with a no-frills approach, keeping its operational expenses to a minimum. From utilizing smaller, more fuel-efficient aircraft to operating from smaller, secondary airports, Wizz Air is able to significantly reduce its operational costs, allowing for more competitive pricing.

Economy of Scale

Another factor that contributes to Wizz Air’s affordability is its focus on economy of scale. By maximizing the number of passengers per flight, Wizz Air is able to spread its fixed costs across a larger base, resulting in lower ticket prices. Additionally, the airline’s aggressive expansion and route network growth have enabled it to achieve economies of scale, further driving down costs.

Direct Sales and Ancillary Revenue

Wizz Air adopts a direct sales model, bypassing traditional travel agencies and booking platforms. This allows the airline to avoid hefty commission fees, resulting in cost savings that can be passed on to customers in the form of lower fares. Furthermore, Wizz Air generates significant ancillary revenue from sources such as onboard sales, priority boarding, and baggage fees, offsetting its ticket prices and bolstering its overall profitability.

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Lean and Efficient Operations

Wizz Air prides itself on its lean and efficient operations, which directly contribute to its cost-effective business model. The airline prioritizes quick turnaround times at airports, minimizing aircraft downtime and maximizing fleet utilization. Additionally, Wizz Air closely monitors its processes and procedures to identify and eliminate inefficiencies, further driving down operational expenses.

Point-to-Point Network

Wizz Air’s point-to-point network, as opposed to the hub-and-spoke model adopted by many legacy carriers, allows for direct flights between secondary cities, bypassing major airport hubs. This results in shorter flight times, reduced fuel consumption, and lower operating costs, ultimately translating into lower ticket prices for passengers.

Streamlined Service Offerings

Wizz Air offers a streamlined service, focusing on the essentials and avoiding unnecessary frills. By prioritizing efficiency and simplicity, the airline is able to keep its costs in check while delivering a no-nonsense travel experience. This streamlined approach allows Wizz Air to maintain competitive pricing, making air travel accessible to a wider audience.


In conclusion, Wizz Air’s affordable pricing can be attributed to a combination of factors such as low operating costs, economies of scale, direct sales, ancillary revenue, lean operations, point-to-point network, and streamlined service offerings. By strategically optimizing its business model and operations, Wizz Air has managed to carve out a niche in the budget airline segment, offering passengers the affordability and accessibility they seek.


1. Are Wizz Air’s low fares reflective of the quality of service?

Despite its low fares, Wizz Air is committed to maintaining a high standard of service and safety. The airline’s efficient operations allow it to offer affordable fares without compromising on quality.

2. How does Wizz Air keep its operating costs low?

Wizz Air achieves low operating costs through various strategies, including the use of smaller, more fuel-efficient aircraft, direct sales, ancillary revenue, and a point-to-point network.

3. Is Wizz Air a reliable airline despite its low prices?

Wizz Air has established itself as a reliable and reputable airline, consistently delivering on-time performance and adhering to rigorous safety standards.

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4. Does Wizz Air offer flexibility in its fares and booking options?

Wizz Air offers a range of fare options and booking flexibility, allowing passengers to tailor their travel experience according to their preferences and budget.

5. How does Wizz Air continue to expand and offer low fares?

Wizz Air’s continuous expansion and growth are fueled by its focus on efficiency, economies of scale, and strategic route planning, enabling the airline to sustain its low fares while expanding its network.