Are Apple podcasts free?

Android users, you’ve also got a free built-in podcast app. It does everything that Apple Podcasts does, so you can start listening in seconds and subscribe to keep it up.

How do I get Apple podcasts?

Apple Podcasts is available for free in over 170 countries and regions on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and HomePod mini, CarPlay, iTunes on Windows, and other smart speakers and car systems.

Do you pay to subscribe to podcasts?

Music fans who are used to purchasing songs through iTunes may be accustomed to paying a dollar or more per song, but podcasts are almost always completely free. In some cases, while you may be able to receive the newest editions of podcasts for free after you subscribe, the previous editions of shows may cost money.

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What is it? Apple Podcasts Subscriptions is a new Apple Podcasts service that brings early access, exclusive content and ad-free listening to subscribers, curated by creators.

How do I download Apple podcasts to my computer?

How do I listen to Apple podcasts on my Mac?

In the Podcasts app on your Mac, click Listen Now (or any item) in the sidebar. Hold the pointer over the show or episode you want to play, then click the Play button . When the episode plays, you see the playback controls at the top of the Podcasts window.

How do I download podcasts?

How do I use Apple podcasts?

The Podcasts app for iOS provides easy access to popular and featured podcasts using the navigation icons at the bottom of the app. To subscribe to a podcast, tap Subscribe on the page for that podcast. To play a podcast, tap on any episode. To download an episode, tap the iCloud icon in the episode list.

What is the best free podcast app?

How do you watch podcasts?

How do you know if a podcast is free?

Once you’re on the podcast homepage you’ll see a list of recent episodes. Tap on one to play it. If you like what you hear, a subscribe button at the top of the page lets you subscribe for free.

How can I listen to podcasts for free?

Popular options include Spotify, SoundCloud, Pocket Casts, and Stitcher. Many of these apps work on both Apple and Android devices, and most of them are free. (Some offer different tiers of service with the most basic one being free.) There are also podcast platforms devoted to particular genres.

Is Apple podcast free with Apple music?

Apple Music has a few scattered podcasts, but Apple has podcasts widely available through its free Podcasts app on the App Store. … Apple Podcasts allows users to listen and subscribe to podcasts as well as download for later listening.

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How do I unsubscribe from Apple podcasts?

How do I see my subscribers on Apple podcast?

Can I listen to Apple podcast online?

You can now listen to Apple Podcasts directly on the web.

Where does Apple Podcasts store files?

Podcast files are stored in a location you would not find easily. In your home folder, they are in /Library/Group Containers/XXXX. apple.

Why don’t I have the podcast app on my Mac?

For now, Apple’s Podcast app is only available on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. … Currently, you can find Podcasts inside of iTunes, but a separate Podcasts app has the opportunity to improve the experience a lot.

What happened to iTunes podcasts?

Podcasts that you subscribed or added to iTunes will be in the new Podcasts app, and audiobooks will be in the updated Apple Books app.

How do you start listening to podcasts?

Find a Podcast App. Often, you can download podcast episodes directly to your computer as MP3 files and listen to them in iTunes or VLC Player. But if you want to listen while on the go, you should find a good smartphone or tablet app. There are several advantages to going this route.

Is Spotify or Apple Podcasts better?

Respondents were asked “what platform or service do you use most to listen to podcasts?” and Spotify came in at No. 1, at 24% of weekly podcast consumers. This put it ahead of Apple Podcasts for iOS (21%) and YouTube (18%). Edison Research says its sample is in excess of 8,000 weekly podcast consumers.

What is the most used podcast app?

In 2020, the most commonly used app for listening to podcasts in the United States was Spotify, with 25 percent of podcast listeners aged 18 or above saying that they used Spotify to listen to podcasts. Meanwhile, Apple Podcasts was used by 20 percent of adults, down from 21 percent in the previous year.

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What podcast app comes with Iphone?

Apple Podcasts is Apple’s podcast app that is built into iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. It originally debuted in 2012, and is one of the most popular apps for listening to podcasts in the world.

How do you make a free podcast on Apple?

Is Apple music free?

Yes, there is a free Apple Music service that requires no paid subscription. Once a user signs up and the free trial ends, features such as offline listening, track skipping, and music recommendations are limited.

How do podcasts make money?

Sponsorships are the most common way podcasters make money. This is when the podcast promotes the sponsor during the show. You probably hear your favorite shows plug their advertisers a few times in every episode. … Rates range from $18 to $50 CPM, though hugely popular podcasts can pull in a lot more.

What are the best podcasts of 2020?

What is the best way to listen to podcasts?

For Android users, Google Podcasts is a great option If you’re using an Android device, a great place to start is Google Podcasts.

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