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Terms in this set (8) What role did the crown play in the expansion of the English North American colonies in the second half of the seventeenth century? Charles the II gave Royal Charters to Rhode Island and Connecticut which gave them some local authority.

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How did the English Civil War affect the colonies in America? It caused a division between loyalists of English Parliament and free English colonies. Aimed to wrest control of world trade from the Dutch, whose merchants profited from free trade with all parts of the world and all existing empires.

The Puritans were English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who sought to purify the Church of England of Roman Catholic practices, maintaining that the Church of England had not been fully reformed and should become more Protestant.

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Across the country as a whole, it was religion which ultimately divided the two parties. Puritans everywhere supported the Parliament, more conservative protestants ” together with the few Catholics ” supported the King.

The Puritans did not believe in the Divine Right of Kings. When they were forming as a religious body in the early years of the 17th century, the…

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The Puritans left England primarily due to religious persecution but also for economic reasons as well. England was in religious turmoil in the early 17th century, the religious climate was hostile and threatening, especially towards religious nonconformists like the puritans.

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The Puritans regarded different ideas and cultures with disdain and rejection. The Puritans were a very strict Protestant religious sect, and they,…

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According to the text, what happened to the Puritans’ influence in New England over time? The Puritans’ influence in New England gradually softened over time. The stern Puritan customs were gradually softened, more rapidly in Massachusetts than in Connecticut, owing to the many Crown officers residing in Boston.

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This colony failed due to conflict with Native Americans and lack of food and supplies. England tried one more time in 1587 to set up a colony at Roanoke Island.

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They put the names of the chosen in a sealed box, which was not to be opened until arrival in Virginia. Upon landfall four months later, the colonists opened the box and discovered that Smith’s name was among the chosen leaders. Smith was allowed to take up a position on the council ” but he remained disliked.

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Famine, disease and conflict with local Native American tribes in the first two years brought Jamestown to the brink of failure before the arrival of a new group of settlers and supplies in 1610.

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British Dictionary definitions for Jamestown Jamestown. / (ˈd’eɪmzˌtaʊn) / noun. a ruined village in E Virginia, on Jamestown Island (a peninsula in the James River): the first permanent settlement by the English in America (1607); capital of Virginia (1607″98); abandoned in 1699.

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The aims of the Jamestown expedition were to establish England’s claim to North America, search for gold or silver mines, find a passage to the Pacific Ocean (the “Other Sea”), harvest the natural resources of the land, and trade with Indian peoples.

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The Jamestown settlers never found gold. Therefore, they needed another way to support their colony. Colonist John Rolfe learned how to grow a new kind of tobacco. The settlers planted this cash crop.

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Williamsburg remained capital of Virginia until 1779. During the Revolutionary War, Governor Thomas Jefferson permanently moved the capital to Richmond because he thought Williamsburg was vulnerable to a British attack.

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The morals and ideals held by Puritans between 1630 and 1670 influenced the social development of the colonies by putting into practice a series of rules, which our own founding fathers would use to create the political structure of the New England colonies.

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In quoting Matthew’s Gospel (5:14) in which Jesus warns, “a city on a hill cannot be hid,” Winthrop warned his fellow Puritans that their new community would be “as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us”, meaning, if the Puritans failed to uphold their covenant with God, then their sins and errors …

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Just 10 years later, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was a Puritan stronghold of 20,000, while humble Plymouth was home to just 2,600 Pilgrims. Plymouth was fully swallowed up by Mass Bay just a few decades later.

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Pilgrim separatists rejected the Church of England and the remnants of Catholicism that the Church of England represented. Puritan non-separatists, while equally fervent in their religious convictions, were committed to reformation of the Church of England and restoration of early Christian society.

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Today, the original colony of Plymouth is a living museum, a recreation of the original seventeenth-century village. Visitors can taste colonial food, see a restored Mayflower II and attend reenactments of the first Thanksgiving, when the Wampanaogs joined the settlers to celebrate the autumn harvest.

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They had learned English from earlier visitors. What was the main reason that Metacom, or King Phillip, was able to mount such devastating attacks on colonists? His people joined forces with other Indians. Why was shipbuilding an important economic activity in New England?

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But Winthrop’s sermon also reveals how he expected Massachusetts to differ from the rest of the world. God Almighty in his most holy and wise providence hath so disposed of the condition of mankind, as in all times some must be rich some poor, some high and eminent in power and dignity; others mean and in subjection.

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On what basis did Winthrop reject democracy, and what does it show about his political beliefs? He rejected democracy because ¨Israel didn’t have this type of government¨. He believed the leaders knew enough to make the decisions for the people.

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The Puritans were seeking freedom, but they didn’t understand the idea of toleration. They came to America to find religious freedom”but only for themselves. They had little tolerance or even respect for the Pequot Indians, who lived in nearby Connecticut and Rhode Island. They called them heathens.

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To Puritans in 16th and 17th century England, Catholicism represented idolatry, materialism and excess in violation of God’s will. After formally separating from the Roman Catholic Church, the Puritans still felt the Church of England had retained too many remnants of Catholicism and needed to be reformed.

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Why did Winthrop leave his advantages in England for uncertainty in Massachusetts? Winthrop left England because of the economic troubles that cut his income. Also cut his political problems making Winthrop lose his position as an attorney.

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‘A Modell of Christian Charity’ was a sermon that focused on how the Puritan settlers should treat one another in order to help each other ” and the colony ” survive. It was written by John Winthrop (1588-1649) who was one of the major leaders of the first Puritan settlement in the United States.

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The Puritans were members of a religious reform movement known as Puritanism that arose within the Church of England in the late 16th century. They believed the Church of England was too similar to the Roman Catholic Church and should eliminate ceremonies and practices not rooted in the Bible.

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How do you think Puritans would have reacted to someone who strayed from the religion? They would be understanding. They would take it very seriously.

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Puritan Religious Life The Puritans believed that God had formed a unique covenant, or agreement, with them. They believed that God expected them to live according to the Scriptures, to reform the Anglican Church, and to set a good example that would cause those who had remained in England to change their sinful ways.

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fifth-century Athens

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Greek citizenship may be acquired by descent or through naturalization. Greek law permits dual citizenship. A Greek national is a citizen of the European Union, and therefore entitled to the same rights as other EU citizens.

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Athens became a democracy around 500 B.C.E. But unlike modern democracies, Athens allowed only free men to be citizens. All Athenian-born men over the age of 18 were considered Athenian citizens. Women and slaves were not permitted citizenship.

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In many cities, like Athens, citizenship came with substantial political rights, since all citizens were legally considered to be equals. The desire to respect the rights of citizens is what led Athens to develop the world’s first democracy, as a way for people to have a say in their own government.

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The people were sovereign; there was no sovereignty outside of the people themselves. In Athens, citizens were both ruler and ruled. Further, important political and judicial offices were rotated to widen participation and prevent corruption, and all citizens had the right to speak and vote in the political assembly.

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Magistrates were citizens and officers of the court, who were chosen by lottery for a one-year term.

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All Athenian-born men over the age of 18 were considered Athenian citizens. Women and slaves were not permitted citizenship.

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any person born in the city to citizens of Athens.

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1790: Naturalization Act of 1790 provides the first rules to be followed by the United States in granting national citizenship to “free white people.”

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The concept of citizenship first arose in towns and city-states of ancient Greece, where it generally applied to property owners but not to women, slaves, or the poorer members of the community. A citizen in a Greek city-state was entitled to vote and was liable to taxation and military service.

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A citizen is a person who, by place of birth, nationality of one or both parents, or naturalization is granted full rights and responsibilities as a member of a nation or political community.

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The Athenian definition of “citizens” was also different from modern-day citizens: only free men were considered citizens in Athens. Women, children, and slaves were not considered citizens and therefore could not vote. Each year 500 names were chosen from all the citizens of ancient Athens.

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” In the US, citizens run the government, while in Athens, citizens elected officials to run the government. ” In the US, anyone can participate in Congress, while in Athens, only citizens could hold offices.

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Beginning with the ancient Greeks, citizenship has meant membership in one’s community. Greek ideal: enlightened political engagement. To be politically engaged in a meaningful way, citizens require resources, especially political knowledge and information. There are many types of governments in the world today.

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