Are the Borg ever defeated?

During their mission to assimilate Earth, the Borg decided that a human voice was necessary to facilitate their introduction into human society. … The crew of the Enterprise-D eventually managed to sever Locutus from the Borg Collective, save Picard, and ultimately defeat the Borg.

Is Picard a Borg?

The Borg played a big role in season one of Picard, focusing on the aftermath of former drones (called xBs) trying to rediscover their identities. This included bringing back the TNG character Hugh (Jonathan Del Arco) and Voyager’s Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan).

However, due to interdiction by the U.S.S. Enterprise-E, not only did the plan fail, but the Queen and all other Borg involved ” who were occupying the Enterprise at the time ” were killed when plasma coolant liquefied their organic components.

What happened to the Borg in Star Trek?

The pathogenic virus On stardate 52356.2 a Borg cube was destroyed in the Delta Quadrant. Its debris field was about 120 kilometers wide. This happened after they assimilated a Species 6339 vessel. The vinculum of the cube was infected by a synthetic pathogenic virus which was carried by members of this species.

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The core theory, hatched during Discovery’s second season, holds that that Leland “ a Section 31 agent who merged with the synthetic components of Control ” becomes the first “proto-Borg” and uses the Red Angel suit to travel back in time to the Delta Quadrant and lay the foundation for the Borg Collective.

Who invented the Borg?

Do the Borg exist?

But the Borg, as a fictional species, depend on a form of super-science that has been speculated about with no basis in reality: Nano-technology. Yes, super-small engineering feats have been accomplished but we are far, far from self-replicating automation on any level, much less a microscopic level.

What actress played the Borg Queen?

In Star Trek: First Contact, Krige played the Borg Queen, who attempts to assimilate Earth into the Borg collective. She won Best Supporting Actress at the 1997 Saturn Awards for that role.

Do the Borg come back in Picard?

Resistance is futile. The Borg Queen will be assimilated into season 2 of “Star Trek: Picard.” Annie Wersching will take over the role, joining “Picard” when the series beams back onto Paramount+ in 2022.

Is Leland the first Borg?

But if Discovery is telling a Borg origin story, establishing Leland as the earliest Borg Drone could set the precedent for their human appearance. … In their pitch, Alice Krige (the actress who portrayed the Borg Queen in First Contact) would have appeared as a Starfleet Officer who was assimilated by the Borg.

Did VGER create the Borg?

In the game Star Trek: Legacy, it is said that V’ger itself created the Borg to gain the knowledge by assimilation.

How did the Borg Queen survive?

In Star Trek: Voyager’s series finale, “Endgame”, a future version of Admiral Janeway tricked the Borg Queen and infected her with a neurolytic pathogen, which spread to the Collective. … Voyager returned to Earth using a transwarp hub ” this was the last time the Borg Queen was seen in Star Trek canon.

Did Picard destroy the Borg?

No. Arguably, they may have taken a hit at the end of Voyager, but they were not destroyed. The producer of Picard has confirmed this: “The old Borg, the resistance is futile Borg, they are still out there.

Why did Star Trek: Voyager end so abruptly?

Originally Answered: Why did Star Trek Voyager end so abruptly? Because it a reiteration of a reiteration of a reiteration of a series that even in its day lasted but three seasons. There had by then also been seven feature length films each increasingly derivative of the last.

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What does Borg stand for?

Why is it called Section 31?

The name, Section 31, is explained in the story as being taken from the fictional Starfleet Charter: Article 14, Section 31. … Costume designer Bob Blackman chose the black leather costumes worn by Section 31 agents to appear fascistic. Behr had asked for dark black, severe, hostile looking costumes.

Does Section 31 still exist?

What species was the original Borg?

In 2373, the Borg discovered the realm known as Fluidic space, a parallel universe that was home to Species 8472. The Borg considered Species 8472 to be the pinnacle of biological development and sought to assimilate the race to add to the Collective’s perfection.

What race was the Borg Queen?

Species 125 was the Borg designation for a humanoid race which, by the 2360s, had been assimilated into the Collective.

How are Borg named?

As names are deemed irrelevant or useless, Borg drones are assigned designations containing their number in the group such as: “Three of Five”, group number and role “Primary/Secondary/Tertiary Adjunct” and assigned location such as: “of Unimatrix 01”.

Who destroyed the Borg?

While just over a day away from the Passage, Voyager detected the remains of fifteen Borg cubes destroyed by Species 8472, whom the Voyager crewmembers themselves had not yet encountered.

How many species did the Borg assimilated?

Where did the Borg cube come from in Picard?

It is the disabled Borg cube from that Voyager episode where Harry Kim destroyed the ship then fixed it.

Who plays Oliver Queen’s mother in Arrow?

Moira Dearden Queen (portrayed by Susanna Thompson; main: seasons 1″2; uncredited voice cameo: season 3; guest: seasons 5 & 8) is the mother of Oliver and Thea, the former acting CEO of Queen Consolidated, mayoral candidate and wife of Robert Queen and later Walter Steele.

How did the Borg begin?

According to the movie Star Trek: First Contact, the Borg evolved on a distant planet, presumably in the Delta Quadrant, which is the center of their collective. But Discovery’s new origin story is the one that should be canon. … The rest is safe, as Discovery shepherds it into season 3.

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Will there be a 2nd season of Picard?

It’s been confirmed that Star Trek: Picard season two will premiere in February 2022.

Will there be a Worf in Picard Season 2?

While Burton and Michael Dorn (who plays Worf, more on him in a moment) both visited the set of Picard during the Riker-centric episode “Nepenthe,” Burton has recently made it clear he’s probably not coming back. Speaking to Newsweek recently, Burton said: “I’m really happy with where Geordi sits in my life.

Was Picard Cancelled?

The Patrick Stewart-led drama will return in February and film seasons back to back.

Is the control the Borg?

In Discovery Season 2, Control behaved like a primitive version of the Borg, complete with nano-probes capable of taking over human bodies. Perhaps Control went to the distant past of the Romulan people and assimilated them.

Will Q be in discovery?

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 shouting out Q was a savvy move to remind Trekkers that after Captain Burnham’s series wraps up season 4, Admiral Picard is bringing Q back with him when he returns for Star Trek: Picard season 2 on Paramount+. Star Trek: Discovery streams Wednesdays on Paramount+.

How long do Borg drones live?

It might depend on the species of the drone, but probably at least 200 years if not more, maybe even 500 years, even for humans, because of all the regeneration, technology, nanoprobes, and shared energy. Drones can even be reanimated after being frozen for 100 years in the arctic, or dead in space.

Is LT Ilia the Borg Queen?

In The Return, by William Shatner, it was revealed that V’ger was modified by the source species of the Borg. It was suggested that Ilia and Decker were fused to the Borg Collective, in five-dimensional space, by V’ger and that Ilia might be the Borg Queen seen later.

Was there a voyager 6?

Background information. According to Star Trek Chronology, Voyager 6 was launched in 1999. According to Decker’s line in the movie, however, it was launched “more than 300 years ago”.

What was v GER in Star Trek?

A sentient, massive entity which threatened Earth in 2271, en route to find its “Creator.” In doing so, V’Ger destroyed anything it encountered by digitizing it for its memory chamber.

Is the Borg Queen 7 of 9 mother?

Are there multiple Borg Queens?

There is only one Borg Queen. … Played first by Alice Krige, there are now three Borg Queens in total. Susanna Thompson took on the role in several episodes of Voyager; and in Picard Season 2, another Borg Queen will be played by Annie Wersching.

How long was data tempted by the Borg Queen?

Lieutenant Commander Data : [about the Borg Queen] She brought me closer to humanity than I ever thought possible. And for a time, I was tempted by her offer. Captain Jean-Luc Picard : How long a time? Lieutenant Commander Data : 0.68 seconds sir.

What did the Borg do to Captain Picard?

The Borg captured Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and transformed him into Locutus of Borg, a de facto spokesperson for the collective consciousness. The episode ended with Picard’s No. 1 Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) giving a shocking order (“Mr.

Is the Omega molecule real?

An Omega molecule is a highly unstable molecule and the most powerful substance known to exist. The Borg knew it as Particle 010. The molecule could be synthesized with sufficient amounts of boronite ore.

How did Picard become human again?

In the novel Resistance, set in 2380, Picard became Locutus once again in an attempt to defeat the Borg Queen. After having defeated the Queen by re-altering her into a normal drone, Dr. Crusher was able to restore the captain to his normal self.

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