how far is lisbon and porto

Traveling in Portugal is a treat for the senses. From the stunning beaches to the historic cities, there is so much to see and do. Two of the country’s most popular destinations are Lisbon, the capital, and Porto, known for its port wine and medieval architecture. If you’re planning a trip to Portugal and want to visit both cities, you may be wondering how far Lisbon is from Porto. In this article, I’ll break down the distance between these two cities and provide you with all the information you need for a memorable trip.

Heading to Lisbon and Porto

Planning Your Trip

Before diving into the distance between Lisbon and Porto, it’s essential to plan your trip carefully. Consider how you want to travel between the two cities. Will you be driving, taking a train, or flying? Each option has its advantages, so it’s essential to weigh your choices based on your preferences and time constraints.

Distance by Road

If you’re considering driving from Lisbon to Porto, the distance is approximately 313 kilometers. The journey takes around three hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions. The drive is scenic, with stunning views of the Portuguese countryside along the way.

Exploring by Train

Traveling by train is a relaxing way to see the Portuguese landscape. The distance between Lisbon and Porto by train is around 313 kilometers, and the journey takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours. The train ride offers a comfortable and stress-free travel experience, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

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Considering a Flight

If time is a concern, you may want to consider flying between Lisbon and Porto. The distance by air is approximately 275 kilometers, and the flight takes about one hour. While flying may be the quickest option, it’s essential to factor in travel time to and from the airports.

Exploring the Distances

Understanding the Geographical Layout

Portugal is a relatively small country, making it easy to navigate. Lisbon is located in the central region of Portugal, while Porto sits in the northern part of the country. The distance between the two cities allows travelers to experience diverse landscapes and cultural differences.

Comparing Travel Times

When deciding how to travel from Lisbon to Porto, consider the time it takes to reach each destination. Driving provides the flexibility to explore at your leisure, while taking the train or flying offers convenience and speed.


Exploring Portugal’s cities is an incredible experience, and the distance between Lisbon and Porto offers the perfect opportunity to see what this beautiful country has to offer. Whether you choose to drive, take the train, or fly, the journey between these two vibrant cities is sure to be an unforgettable part of your Portuguese adventure.


1. Is there a direct train from Lisbon to Porto?

Yes, there are direct trains from Lisbon to Porto, providing a convenient and comfortable travel option for those looking to explore both cities.

2. What is the quickest way to travel from Lisbon to Porto?

For those in a hurry, flying is the quickest way to travel between Lisbon and Porto. The flight takes approximately one hour, making it an efficient option for time-sensitive travelers.

3. How long is the drive from Lisbon to Porto?

The drive from Lisbon to Porto is approximately 313 kilometers, with a travel time of around three hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

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4. Can I visit both Lisbon and Porto in one trip?

Absolutely! Many travelers choose to visit both Lisbon and Porto in one trip, allowing them to experience the unique charm and attractions of each city.

5. What is the weather like between Lisbon and Porto?

The weather between Lisbon and Porto can vary based on the time of year. Be sure to check the forecast before your trip to ensure you’re prepared for the conditions.