how much do ryanair flight attendants get paid in europe

As a former Ryanair flight attendant, I get asked this question a lot. People are curious about the lifestyle, the pay, and the perks of being a flight attendant. In this article, I will give you an insight into the world of Ryanair flight attendants and the compensation they receive.

Introduction to Ryanair

Ryanair is one of the largest and most popular low-cost airlines in Europe. It operates an extensive network of flights across the continent and beyond, making it a sought-after employer for many aspiring flight attendants.

Basic Salary of Ryanair Flight Attendants

One of the first things people want to know is how much Ryanair flight attendants get paid. The basic salary for a Ryanair flight attendant can range from €19,000 to €25,000 per year, depending on experience and the base they are assigned to. This is a decent wage, considering the opportunity to travel and the additional perks of the job.

Hourly Wages and Overtime

In addition to the basic salary, Ryanair flight attendants also receive hourly wages for their flying hours. These hourly rates can vary based on the length of the flight and the time spent working. Overtime pay is also provided for flights that exceed the standard rostered hours.

Extra Payments and Incentives

Ryanair offers various extra payments and incentives to its flight attendants. These can include bonuses for exceptional performance, commission on in-flight sales, and allowances for overnight stays or layovers. These additional earnings can significantly boost the overall income of a Ryanair flight attendant.

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Benefits Package

Aside from the monetary compensation, Ryanair also provides a comprehensive benefits package to its flight attendants. This can include health insurance, travel discounts, and retirement plans. The value of these benefits adds to the overall remuneration package for Ryanair flight attendants.

Work-Life Balance and Flexibility

One of the attractions of being a Ryanair flight attendant is the flexibility in scheduling and the opportunity to experience new destinations. While the job can be demanding, flight attendants have the chance to enjoy layovers in different cities and explore new cultures during their time off.

Challenges and Rewards

Working as a flight attendant for Ryanair comes with its challenges, from long shifts to dealing with demanding passengers. However, it also brings rewards, such as the chance to see the world, meet new people, and develop valuable skills in customer service and emergency response.

Training and Career Development

Ryanair invests in the training and career development of its flight attendants, offering opportunities for progression and advancement within the company. This commitment to employee development adds further value to the overall compensation package for Ryanair flight attendants.


Overall, Ryanair flight attendants receive a competitive salary and a range of benefits and incentives that make the job financially rewarding. The opportunity to travel, the flexibility in scheduling, and the potential for career growth add to the attractiveness of this profession. While the job may have its challenges, it also offers unique experiences and opportunities that make it a sought-after career choice for many.


Q: Can Ryanair flight attendants earn extra income through in-flight sales?

A: Yes, Ryanair flight attendants can earn commission on in-flight sales, which provides an additional source of income.

Q: Is the basic salary for Ryanair flight attendants the same across all European countries?

A: The basic salary can vary depending on the country and the base a flight attendant is assigned to, with some locations offering higher wages than others.

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Q: What are the health insurance benefits provided to Ryanair flight attendants?

A: Ryanair offers comprehensive health insurance coverage to its flight attendants, ensuring their well-being during work and travel.

Q: Do flight attendants have opportunities for career advancement at Ryanair?

A: Yes, Ryanair provides training and development programs that enable flight attendants to progress in their careers within the company.

Q: What are the key rewards of being a Ryanair flight attendant, apart from the financial compensation?

A: The key rewards include the opportunity to travel, experience new cultures, and develop valuable skills in customer service and emergency response.