is it worth getting the camping card in iceland

As a travel enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the sheer natural beauty of Iceland. From its stunning waterfalls and majestic glaciers to its mesmerizing Northern Lights, this Nordic island nation is a paradise for adventure seekers. So, when I was planning my recent trip to Iceland, I came across the option of purchasing the camping card. I was intrigued by the benefits it offered, but I also wondered if it was really worth it. After doing some research and personally experiencing it, I can say with confidence that the camping card is definitely worth considering for anyone planning to explore Iceland’s breathtaking outdoors.

What is the Camping Card?

The camping card is a special pass that allows visitors to camp at a network of campsites throughout Iceland. It is valid for a certain period, typically from late May to late September, which coincides with the peak tourist season when most campsites are open.

Benefits of the Camping Card

Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of the camping card is the cost savings it offers. Instead of paying for individual campsites, the card allows unlimited camping at over 40 campsites across Iceland for a fixed price. This can result in significant savings, especially for budget-conscious travelers.


With the camping card, you don’t have to worry about making reservations or finding available campsites along your route. The card grants you access to a wide network of campsites, giving you the freedom to spontaneously explore different areas of Iceland without the hassle of advanced planning.

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Facilities and Services

Most campsites covered by the camping card offer basic amenities such as showers, toilets, cooking facilities, and sometimes even Wi-Fi. This makes it a convenient option for travelers who want to enjoy the outdoors while still having access to essential facilities.

Friendly Community

By using the camping card, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers who share a passion for nature and adventure. The communal atmosphere at the campsites can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your Icelandic camping experience.

Is the Camping Card Worth It?

After weighing the benefits of the camping card, I found that it definitely enhanced my experience of exploring Iceland’s natural wonders. The cost savings alone made it worth the investment, not to mention the convenience and added sense of community that came with it. If you’re someone who appreciates the freedom to explore at your own pace and enjoys connecting with fellow travelers, then the camping card is definitely worth getting.


As I reflect on my Icelandic adventure, I can confidently say that getting the camping card was a decision I did not regret. The freedom, convenience, and cost savings it offered allowed me to fully immerse myself in the awe-inspiring landscapes of Iceland, without any worries about accommodation. The sense of community at the campsites made the experience even more rewarding. So, if you’re planning a trip to Iceland and want to make the most of your outdoor exploration, I highly recommend considering the camping card as a valuable investment in your travel experience.


1. Can I use the camping card outside of the designated camping season?

No, the camping card is valid only during the designated camping season, typically from late May to late September. Outside of this period, you will need to make separate arrangements for accommodation.

2. Are all campsites in Iceland covered by the camping card?

No, the camping card grants access to a network of affiliated campsites, but not all campsites in Iceland are included. However, the card covers a wide range of campsites, ensuring that you have ample options for your outdoor adventures.

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3. Can I purchase the camping card upon arrival in Iceland?

Yes, the camping card can be purchased at various locations in Iceland, including tourist information centers, campsite offices, and selected retailers. It is advisable to buy the card early in your trip to maximize its benefits.

4. What are the restrictions or limitations of the camping card?

While the camping card offers great flexibility, it is important to be mindful of campsite rules and regulations, as well as environmental guidelines. Campers are expected to respect the natural surroundings and follow ethical camping practices.

5. Can I use the camping card for campervan or motorhome camping?

Yes, the camping card is applicable for both tent camping and campervan or motorhome camping at the designated campsites. However, it is advisable to check with individual campsites for any specific regulations or requirements for campervan and motorhome camping.