where does belle meet in magic kingdom

When I first visited Magic Kingdom, I was filled with excitement and wonder. One of the things I was most looking forward to was meeting Belle, one of my favorite Disney princesses. I did some research before my trip to make sure I knew exactly where to find her, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought. If you’re planning a trip to Magic Kingdom and want to meet Belle, I’ve got all the information you need right here.

Meeting Belle in Magic Kingdom

Meeting Belle in Magic Kingdom is a magical experience for Disney fans of all ages. Whether you’re a wide-eyed child or a grown-up with a deep love for all things Disney, meeting Belle is a must-do activity. But where exactly can you find her in the park? Let me guide you through the mystical journey of finding Belle in Magic Kingdom.


The first place to look for Belle in Magic Kingdom is Fantasyland. This enchanting area of the park is where you’ll find the Beauty and the Beast section, and that’s exactly where Belle will be waiting to meet her adoring fans.

Enchanted Tales with Belle

One of the best places to meet Belle in Magic Kingdom is at Enchanted Tales with Belle. This attraction takes you into the world of Beauty and the Beast, where you’ll get to interact with Belle in a truly immersive experience. You’ll have the chance to play a part in reenacting a tale as old as time, and you might just get the chance to talk to Belle one-on-one.

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Be Our Guest Restaurant

If you’re looking to dine like royalty and possibly catch a glimpse of Belle, head to the Be Our Guest Restaurant. While she may not always make an appearance, it’s worth a try to see if you can spot her in this stunning restaurant inspired by the beloved film.

Best Times to Meet Belle

When it comes to meeting Belle in Magic Kingdom, timing is everything. The best times to catch her are typically in the morning and early afternoon. Keep in mind that she has a busy schedule, so be sure to check the park’s daily schedule for character meet-and-greet times.

Character Dining

If you want to guarantee a sighting of Belle, consider booking a character dining experience at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal while Belle makes her rounds to greet all the diners. It’s a wonderful way to meet her without waiting in line.


Meeting Belle in Magic Kingdom is a highlight of any Disney trip. Whether you encounter her in an enchanting experience at Enchanted Tales with Belle or catch a glimpse of her at a character dining experience, meeting Belle is sure to make your day feel like a fairy tale come true.


1. Are there any fast passes available to meet Belle in Magic Kingdom?

Unfortunately, there are no fast passes available specifically for meeting Belle. Be sure to check the daily schedule for meet-and-greet times.

2. Can I take pictures with Belle when I meet her?

Yes, you’re more than welcome to take pictures with Belle when you meet her. It’s a magical moment that you’ll want to capture and cherish forever.

3. Is there a specific dress code for meeting Belle in Magic Kingdom?

There’s no specific dress code, but many Disney fans love to dress up as their favorite characters when they visit the park. Feel free to wear your best Belle-inspired outfit for the occasion!

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4. Can I bring gifts for Belle when I meet her?

While it’s a thoughtful gesture, Disney has a policy against giving gifts to characters. Instead, a warm hug and a kind word for Belle will surely brighten her day.

5. What if I can’t find Belle at the locations mentioned?

If you’re having trouble finding Belle, don’t be afraid to ask a cast member for assistance. They’ll be more than happy to point you in the right direction to meet your favorite Disney princess.