Where Is Jagged Pass Emerald?

Where is Jagged Pass Magma Hideout Emerald?

The Magma Hideout (Japanese: マ,マだ,”,,ト Team Magma Hideout) is Team Magma’s base of operations in the Hoenn region, located in the middle of Mt. Chimney, with the entrance on the Jagged Pass.

Where do I go after Mt pyre in Emerald?

In Emerald, go to Jagged Pass. You can use the Magma Emblem to open the Magma Hideout in Jagged Pass. Go through the hideout and battle Maxie at the end, then leave the hideout.

How do you get to Team Magma’s hideout in Pokémon Emerald?

In Emerald, when the player gets close to the spot in Jagged Pass, the hideout will open up in response to the Magma Emblem that the player received at Mt. Pyre.

What Pokemon can you find in Jagged Pass?

Where is groudon in Emerald?