which country has the best public transport in europe

When it comes to public transport in Europe, there are many countries that stand out for their efficient and reliable systems. From buses and trams to trains and subways, Europe is known for its extensive network of public transportation options. But which country truly has the best public transport system? In this article, I will explore the top contenders and ultimately determine which country takes the crown.


Germany is often praised for its well-organized public transport system. With a wide range of options including buses, trams, trains, and subways, getting around Germany is a breeze. The country’s punctual trains and extensive network make it easy for residents and tourists alike to travel from city to city. Additionally, Germany’s commitment to sustainability means that many of its public transport systems are eco-friendly.


France is another country that excels in public transport. With its modern high-speed trains and efficient metro systems in major cities like Paris, getting around France is fast and convenient. The country’s interconnected network of trains and buses make it easy to explore both urban and rural areas. Plus, France’s dedication to accessibility means that public transport is available to everyone.


Sweden is known for its clean and efficient public transport system. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, Sweden’s trains and buses are powered by renewable energy sources. The country’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions makes public transport in Sweden one of the most eco-friendly options in Europe.

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While many European countries have excellent public transport systems, Germany stands out as the best overall. With its punctual trains, extensive network, and commitment to sustainability, Germany offers residents and tourists a convenient and eco-friendly way to travel. Whether you’re exploring the bustling streets of Berlin or the picturesque countryside of Bavaria, Germany’s public transport system has you covered.


1. What makes Germany’s public transport system the best in Europe?

Germany’s public transport system is known for its punctuality, extensive network, and commitment to sustainability. These factors combined make it the top contender for the best public transport system in Europe.

2. Are there any downsides to public transport in Germany?

While Germany’s public transport system is generally reliable, delays can still occur from time to time. Additionally, ticket prices can be expensive for tourists, so it’s important to plan your budget accordingly.

3. How does France’s public transport system compare to Germany’s?

France’s public transport system is also highly efficient and modern, with a focus on high-speed trains and accessibility. While Germany may have a slight edge in terms of sustainability, both countries offer excellent options for getting around.

4. What sets Sweden’s public transport system apart from other countries?

Sweden’s commitment to sustainability and innovation makes its public transport system one of the most eco-friendly in Europe. With renewable energy sources powering trains and buses, Sweden is leading the way in environmentally-friendly transportation.

5. Are there any hidden gems in Europe with great public transport systems?

While countries like Germany and France are known for their top-notch public transport, smaller countries like Switzerland and the Netherlands also offer excellent options for getting around. These hidden gems may not get as much attention, but they are definitely worth exploring for their efficient and reliable systems.