Why did Sullivan kill Costello?

Colin kills Frank Costello, to prevent his relationship with him from being discovered, since Costello is an FBI informant and when he kills him he takes credit from his colleagues.

Why did Sullivan kill Costello in The Departed?

In The Departed, Colin Sullivan (Lau’s equivalent) has no internal turmoil. He kills Costello, not because he’s inherently good but because he finds out that Costello is an FBI informant and fears that Costello will turn him in. After Costigan’s funeral, he’s wearisome, a little tired but still anxious.

Did Costello know Billy was the rat?

After his death, TV reports claim Delahunt is the undercover cop ” though Costello immediately calls this out as a police strategy. … Before he dies, he reveals that he knows Billy is the rat … and yet doesn’t give him away. It’s easy to assume this is because he’s a second undercover cop.

Why did Costello Trust Costigan?

He trusted more than Costigan because Costello discovered his potential he thought he had known how to represent his philosophy, and more like him and bad. Costello gave him the recordings, which he still had after his death, and used them to let Madolyn discover the truth about Sullivan.

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Why does Sullivan kill barrigan Reddit?

He was the one who shot Costigan in the head at the end. Dignam killed Sullivan because Costigan had Madolyn give him the tapes showing Sullivan was the mole. So he killed him, out of revenge.

How does Dignam know to kill Sullivan?

He was unaffiliated with anyone other than the police, and his personal loyalties lay with Queenan in particular. Dignam knew that Colin was a mole and used his police training to murder him and get away without leaving any evidence. Wahlberg’s character is the last mole.

Which is better Infernal Affairs or The Departed?

The Departed has almost an hour longer runtime than Infernal Affairs, but that fact is a credit to both films. … There’s so much to get out of each film, but neither one steps on the others’ toes. Infernal Affairs is spectacular, and The Departed is an absolute masterclass in a remake.

What does the rat symbolize in the departed?

“Unfortunately, the movie has one giant, glaring flaw,” Sacks says in a video outlining his cause. “In the last shot, Scorsese has an actual rat crawl across screen. The rat symbolizes rats. “It’s insane to me that he would end any movie with such a painfully, on-the-nose metaphor.”

Who is the rat in the departed?

Aside from the larger organized-crime- versus-law-enforcement plotline, the core of the movie is about two rats: Sullivan and Costigan.

What is the point of the departed?

An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston. In this crime-action tour de force, the South Boston state police force is waging war on Irish-American organized crime.

Who is the father of madolyn baby in the departed?

It’s actually quite common.” Later, when Madden tells Sullivan that she is pregnant, she doesn’t reveal the identity of the father. The allusion is that the father is Billy Costigan (DiCaprio), with whom she had an affair, and not Sullivan, who is impotent.

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Why did Frank shoot at Colin?

Sullivan is a criminal trying to pass for a cop. Colin is a typical Irish guy who doesn’t like to talk too much about his feelings. … Colin kills Frank Costello, to prevent his relationship with him from being discovered, since Costello is an FBI informant and when he kills him he takes credit from his colleagues.

Why did Dignam kill Sullivan instead of arresting him?

Sullivan knows that the FBI aided Costello, and such information would look bad for the agency (protecting a murderous mafia boss is never a good PR move.) Thus, the agency sends Dignam to kill Sullivan and remove any evidence of the FBI’s involvement in the Costello case.

Why is it called The Departed?

Therefore, the name The Departed. The Departed refers to death and the dead. The movie has plenty of both. When Costigan is at his mother’s grave, he sees a wreath from Costello with a note reading, “Heaven holds the Faithful Departed”.

How true is departed?

No, ‘The Departed’ is not based on a true story. It is, in fact, a remake of a Hong Kong film called ‘Infernal Affairs. ‘ Although not in its entirety, the two major characters of ‘The Departed’ are loosely based on real people.

What was in the letter Costigan gave to madolyn?

Later, [Madolyn] discovers a package from Costigan containing a CD with recordings of Costello’s conversations with Sullivan. Sullivan walks in as she is listening and tries unsuccessfully to assuage her suspicions. He contacts Costigan, who reveals that Costello recorded every conversation he had with Sullivan.

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