how strict is turkish airlines with baggage weight

As a frequent traveler, I have often found myself worrying about whether my baggage will meet the weight restrictions set by different airlines. In my experience, some airlines are more lenient than others, and Turkish Airlines is no exception. In this article, I will delve into just how strict Turkish Airlines is with baggage weight, and what you can do to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience with them.

The Importance of Baggage Weight Limits

Before we dive into Turkish Airlines’ specific baggage weight policies, it’s essential to understand why airlines impose these restrictions. Put simply, baggage weight limits are in place to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and crew on board. Overloaded planes can affect the aircraft’s performance and even compromise its ability to take off and land safely. Moreover, heavy bags pose a risk to the crew responsible for handling them, potentially leading to injuries. By adhering to baggage weight limits, passengers are contributing to the overall safety of their flight.

Turkish Airlines’ Baggage Weight Allowance

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific baggage weight policies employed by Turkish Airlines. Like most major airlines, Turkish Airlines operates a tiered system based on the class of service you have booked, as well as your destination. For example, passengers flying in Business Class generally enjoy a more generous weight allowance compared to those traveling in Economy Class. Similarly, flights to certain destinations may have different weight limits due to operational considerations.

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Economy Class Baggage Allowance

Passengers traveling in Economy Class on Turkish Airlines are typically entitled to check one or two pieces of luggage, depending on their destination. Each bag must not exceed 23 kilograms (50 pounds) in weight. Additionally, passengers are allowed to bring one piece of carry-on luggage not exceeding 8 kilograms (17 pounds) in weight. It’s worth noting that these limits may vary depending on your specific route, so it’s crucial to check the airline’s guidelines before packing.

Business Class Baggage Allowance

For those flying in Business Class, Turkish Airlines’ baggage weight allowance is more generous. Passengers are generally permitted two checked bags, each weighing up to 32 kilograms (70 pounds). In addition, the carry-on allowance mirrors that of Economy Class, with one piece of hand luggage not exceeding 8 kilograms (17 pounds) in weight.

Excess Baggage Fees

If you find that your luggage exceeds the weight limits set by Turkish Airlines, fear not – the airline offers options to remedy the situation. However, be prepared to pay additional fees for any excess weight. These fees can vary based on your route and the amount of extra weight you are carrying. To avoid these fees, I recommend weighing your luggage at home using a reliable scale before heading to the airport. This simple step can save you both time and money, ensuring that you remain within the allowed limits.

Practical Tips for Meeting Baggage Weight Limits

Having traveled with Turkish Airlines on numerous occasions, I’ve learned a few handy tricks to help me stay within the baggage weight restrictions. Firstly, it’s essential to pack strategically and avoid bringing unnecessary items. Consider the climate and activities at your destination to pack only what you truly need. Additionally, investing in lightweight luggage can give you some leeway when it comes to packing. Finally, consider wearing your heaviest or bulkiest items, such as boots or a jacket, to reduce the weight of your checked bags.

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In conclusion, Turkish Airlines enforces baggage weight limits in line with industry standards, with allowances varying based on the passenger’s class and destination. By familiarizing yourself with these limits and packing thoughtfully, you can ensure a stress-free journey with Turkish Airlines. Remember to weigh your luggage beforehand and make the necessary adjustments to avoid excess baggage fees. Through careful planning and adherence to the airline’s policies, you can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free travel experience with Turkish Airlines.


1. Can I pre-pay for excess baggage on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, Turkish Airlines allows passengers to pre-purchase excess baggage online, often at a discounted rate compared to paying at the airport.

2. What items are not allowed in carry-on baggage on Turkish Airlines?

Like most airlines, Turkish Airlines prohibits the transport of flammable, explosive, and sharp objects in carry-on luggage. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the airline’s list of prohibited items to avoid any issues at security checkpoints.

3. Are there any items that are exempt from the standard baggage weight limits on Turkish Airlines?

Yes, certain medical equipment and mobility aids are exempt from weight limits on Turkish Airlines. Passengers requiring these items should contact the airline in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

4. Can I pool baggage weight with my travel companion on Turkish Airlines?

Unfortunately, Turkish Airlines does not allow passengers to combine their baggage weight allowances, even when traveling together. Each passenger’s baggage must adhere to the respective weight limits.

5. How can I determine the baggage weight limits for my specific Turkish Airlines flight?

For accurate and up-to-date information on baggage weight limits for your Turkish Airlines flight, I recommend visiting the airline’s official website or contacting their customer service team directly. It’s always best to verify this information before packing for your trip.